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Must-have Marketing Tech SaaS To Reduce Spend, Save Time & Increase Revenue

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Jacob and Brian interviewed CabinetM on July 30, 2021. Play Video
Jacob Brutman
Angel Investor, Ph.D. Chemist and Computer Enthusiast
Brian Ballan
Founder in CPG. Most excited about climate friendly agriculture, decarbonization, and regional food systems.
says, "CEO is very passionate about the company. She is energetic and was a pleasure to speak with. Idea is also innovative and already has quite a bit of support and sales."
says, "The team has already shown it understands its customers and has been able to build a moat around data and process that could make them a foundational piece for the future of marketing."
says, "Keep doing what you are doing, it is obviously working."
says, "Channel partners are a great GTM plan but it will also be important that user feedback is able to find its way back to the company"

What Investors Say

Invested $1,000 this round
CabinetM co-founders Anita Brearton and Sheryl Schultz are relentless, focused, creative entrepreneurs. Their lean team bootstrapped its way to revenue and product market fit and is now poised to scale. CabinetM makes it easy for organizations to manage the lifecycle of complex stacks of enterprise SaaS applications - a multi billion dollar market opportunity. The company’s initial product helps CMOs and marketing operations teams manage and optimize their rapidly expanding marketing automation tools.
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