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Solving the housing shortage with affordable solutions made from containers


More than 1000% increase YoY in social and web presence to nearly .5M impressions per month
Brands worked with - Tesla, Honeywell, Harvard, Netflix
300%+ increase in sales YoY, $20M in sales to date with a $46.8M sales pipeline
Achieved these results without any investor funding - bootstrapped to date
Featured on Netflix’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy S6 E3
As little as 4 weeks to delivery compared to 8-12 months in traditional construction.
65B Global Container Home Market in a 280T Global Real Estate Market
Shipped to 30+ states and growing

Our Team

It all started with the film "wardogs". Bob caught the bug for bidding on government contracts but instead for housing

Why Bob's Containers?

Bob’s Containers brings scalability and transparency to an old-fashioned container customization industry.

Bob’s brings technology and standardization to disrupt the shipping container industry. Shipping containers have been around for many years. Many providers have explored options to recycle shipping containers for specific uses like storage, in-law suites, ADUs, rental units, and much more. We have taken these eco-friendly solutions and paired them with scalability, standardization, and world-class customer service to provide the best quality service, affordability, and customization in the industry


  • Housing market continues to price out lower income families from home ownership
  • A shortfall of millions of affordable homes in the US
  • Time to build
  • Too many contractors

The housing market continues to price out lower income families from home ownership. With a shortfall of hundreds of thousands of affordable homes, we had to explore solutions. Those solutions come in the form of customized shipping containers. The main selling point for shipping containers is the time in which you can receive a fully livable unit for whatever purposes you may choose. In as little as 4 weeks you can have a customized container home delivered to your property. Traditional builds can take 7-12 or more months to complete and you are at the mercy of a variety of contractors executing the build. This can lead to extended build times and major complications depending on various factors.


  • Cut build times by 90%
  • Experiential eCommerce
  • A focus on products
  • Upfront pricing transparency
  • Shipping Containers as a Form Factor

Bob’s is a company who analyzes problems, iterates through solutions, and optimizes to the greatest opportunity presented. Through this process we have cut traditional build times by 90%, built a functional eCommerce powerhouse, focused on our product offering, created price transparency, and continually optimize our build processes. Our operation pulls all of these contractors into one agile construction system to push projects forward while maintaining an eye for quality control. For the providers who have tried to build using containers as a form factor, price transparency and processes are lacking in nearly every regard. Bob’s is primed to scale into all 50 states and beyond by continuing to improve processes and provide affordable housing solutions.

Build Times

  • Industry leading build times
  • Customization to delivery in as little as 10 weeks
  • Agile Project Management
  • Project Management and Communication Software

Our industry leading build times are among our biggest selling points. We intentionally make the process as easy as possible for our customers so they can go from ideation to delivery in as little as 10 weeks. If these folks are choosing our ready to ship options, they can have their units delivered in a few days. This process provides the information each user needs to understand their expected returns from a shipping container home investment. Each project has its own set of complications to navigate and our team of container experts have likely navigated something similar prior. This gives every customer a personalized experience tailored to their needs, at scale. Once the customer has paid their deposit, we initiate their build in our project management system to maintain communication channels throughout the build. This allows us to bring every piece of the project into one solution, so the customer knows exactly where their build stands every step of the way.


  • Lifestyle branding
  • Experiential eCommerce
  • Multiple Checkout Options
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • Customization Options are Easily Navigated

We have worked extensively to create a lifestyle brand intended to demonstrate the ins-and-outs of living in a container home. We take photos with real people in them, interacting with a real container. This creates a feeling of understanding in our users for what they or their guests can expect when pairing comfortability with a container home. We have made the process as easy as possible for the wide range of demographics who visit our website. We have financing information, 3+ checkout options, and native financing applications worked into our website experience. While most of our customers do want to take some time to chat with a container tech, they can fully customize their container and make the purchase without ever speaking with a human.

Product Focused

  • Standardized Products
  • Standard Customization Options Decrease Build Time
  • Products Ranging from Affordability to Extreme Luxury

With the nearly endless possibilities in container customization it can be hard to standardize the models you are looking to sell. Bob’s has taken this focus to a new level by paying close attention to popular upgrades and taking a look at the sellability at each of our models. Sure, we had a few that did not sell like we expected, but we continued to learn from those instances and have created a product offering with enough variability and options for customization that anyone can find the unit they are looking for. We have solutions for people looking to keep costs low as well as luxury options with all the bells and whistles, and everything in between.

Pricing Transparency

  • All Pricing is Front and Center
  • Customization Upgrades Clearly Priced
  • Multiple Options to Purchase - Request a Quote, Purchase, Finance

Taking the time to standardize our models in this way has allowed us to have the most transparent pricing in the industry. We not only have upfront base model pricing, but each upgrade option has pricing as well. As a user builds out their unit(s) on our website, they can see the totals increasing as they add upgrade options and change the features. They can then choose to buy the unit outright, apply for financing at checkout, or request a detailed quote for specific changes. This further establishes the trust with our customers because we are not pigeonholing them into one option, but presenting them with a variety of options.

Where is Bob's Headed?

  • Build a New, Covered Facility
  • Introduce a Scalable, Affordable Housing Line
  • Implement and Optimize Automation in Welding and Cutting
  • More Cost Effective Solutions
  • Maintain Cutting Edge Technology in Our New Factory

Factory Renders

To take our company to the next level we are looking to work through the same process above with an affordable and innovative housing line. These models will be affordable, mobile, and scalable. This will allow us to present a cost-effective solution for a variety of needs. With the housing market’s volatility, affordability of homes will be at a premium. Bob’s already has the discoverability and scalability figured out with hundreds of thousands of eyes on our products each month. We are looking to dominate the national market in container home purchases. We will accomplish this goal by building a new factory with cutting-edge automation processes to scale our production even further.


  • YTD 9-10M in bookings - nearly halfway to yearly projection
  • Expanded Financing Options
  • Freddie Mac conventional financing options for ADUs
  • Demand and sales are increasing in a down market
  • Dominating the competitive landscape - producing more container homes than any other provider in the country

Our traction paints the picture well for industry dominance as we continue to grow in a down market. We are nearly half way to our 2022 sales goals, fueling the fire with expanded financing options, new conventional home loan options, and clear domination of the national container market.


  • Indoor facility
  • 12,000 square feet
  • Automation Technology
  • Improve Build Times
  • More Affordable Options

We are currently in the process of building a new indoor production facility at our Austin HQ. This new factory will have over 12,000 square feet of space and keep weather from being a factor. While we currently have processes in place to combat poor weather, we are at the mercy of the climate since most of the work we do is outside, uncovered. This will allow us to continually improve our lead and build times as well as offer more options for affordable housing.


  • Automate Cutting and Welding
  • R&D New Automation Practices

As technology continues to progress we make every effort to stay on top of cost-effective solutions to optimize build times for our customers. Cutting and welding are our first target for automation in our new factory, with larger scale automations on the horizon.

Bob’s History

Listen to Bob's story on the first ever Moontower Business Podcast.

Market Opportunity

    • 65B Global Container Market in a 280T Global Real Estate Market
    • Shortfall of affordable homes
    • Residual income in rental units
    • New mortgage products
    • White house statement on ADUs
    • The winds are in our favor

Why Shipping Containers?

    • Unused shipping containers exist whether we use them or not
    • The base structure is already there and weatherproof
    • 3 month head start on any other modular builder
    • Designed for shipping
    • Highly durable
    • Easily customized

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