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Blue Solutions, Inc.

Disaster Recovery and Affordable Housing Solutions


Help victims of the disaster to recover
Help in the affordable housing crisis with $50/SF.
Helping people in the US and Global.

Our Founder

Helping people, helping the world.

Katrina Hurricane is the Costliest Natural Disaster in the US at that time. ($160 Billion)

August 29, 2005. I watched TV that morning and snap out, decided to write a business plan, and come down to New Orleans shortly not knowing anybody on the ground.

First time in this venture and not knowing what to expect.

Back in 2005, New Orleans is like a battlefield, with no sign of light at night outside the French quarter, but debris from disaster everywhere. Prior to a hurricane, there were only four landfills in the region, post Katrina there were total of 403 landfills created to support the amount of the debris to be removed. 

250,000 home damaged, today after 15 years passed, roughly 50,000 vacant lots still need to be rebuilt, while State, Cities, and Victims are still VICTIMS ON TOP OF VICTIMS.

These 50,000 vacant lots are just the beginning of the left to the dead problem. State and cities estimate to lose their tax roll in the $1 billion yearly. Victims who hold these lots kept paying lot tax and upkeep for the last fifteen years, is also devasted these investors who hold bad investment and much liability than an asset.

Alternatively, these 50, 000 homes to be build will bring back asset value the state and city base on the property value today, in the $30,000,000,000 value and we have a solution to make it happen in this lifetime.

Blue Solutions, Inc. founded by Van Phabmixay decided to take on the challenge to figure out how to rebuild as One-Stop-Shop Solution, how the $50/SF was created, and tested for the last few years in New Orleans, history was made.

After we built, tested, and Then Waited for the solution to be completed. 

Today, we are ready to take on any challenge any time, anywhere from natural disaster recovery to the Global Affordable housing Crisis head-on. with the moment of notice. Our In-Time On-Demand One-Stop-Shop Solution Platform stands ready today.

Here's our application video to YC:

Now we're ready to help anybody anywhere is needed from Disaster Recovery to Global Affordable Housing Crisis. 

From here we plan to acquire construction companies each every state and country to support their own local territory by deploying our One-Stop-Shop Solution in each of these shelves.