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Reach a divorce agreement without the time, cost and conflict of attorneys

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Exceptional Team — Headed by C-suite legal tech exec, celebrity attorney & successful entrepreneurs
Successful Fundraising — Raised over $1 million (including WeFunder). Funding round closes 12/9
Large Stable Market — 1.1M divorces, $28B per year
Unmet Needs — High dissatisfaction with excessive cost, lengthy time, and high conflict of attorneys
Disruptive Tech — AI-based dispute resolution resolves disagreements even in contentious divorces
Major Benefits - Get divorced 10 months faster and for $20K less vs. attorneys
COVID Increased Opportunity — Divorces spiking, virtual services in demand, disposable income down
High Growth Potential — Market share of just 5% in top 25 US states = $160M annual revenue

Our Team

We've been through divorces. We've seen friends and family go through divorces. It’s a high conflict, expensive process where no one wins. We want to reduce the pain and time involved in divorce, preserve family wealth and help people move on with their lives.

Reach a Divorce Agreement Without the Time, Cost and Conflict of Attorneys

The best way for two people to reach an agreement is to work it out between themselves. But this can be hard to do in a divorce, when emotions run high and spouses are not getting along. So they hire opposing attorneys, which results in an expensive, drawn-out, painful process.

BlissDivorce has created a better approach. Using AI-based online dispute resolution technology, we guide couples through a convenient process to reach an agreement and move on with their lives without the time, cost, and frustration of attorneys—even in a contentious divorce in which spouses are not getting along. With a huge market and experienced leadership team, BlissDivorce is poised to deliver significant revenue and social impact.

Divorce is expensive and complicated...

In most divorces, spouses hire opposing attorneys. This results in a high-conflict process that is not only detrimental to a family’s wellbeing, but also to their finances. One study found that divorces, on average, wipe out 70% of a family’s wealth.

And extremely painful.

It’s not surprising this system leads to high dissatisfaction and pain. In 40+ in-depth interviews, people consistently told us about four pain points during the divorce process:

  • It’s too expensive – average costs of $15-30K are a huge hit on most families' savings.
  • It takes too long – 11-17 months, on average, and sometimes longer if it goes to court.
  • Confusing process – It’s difficult to figure out on your own, and attorneys don’t spend much time explaining things. People feel helpless going through the process.
  • Difficult to reach agreement – It’s difficult to agree on things even when you’re getting along. It’s even harder in the emotionally charged situation of most divorces, where there is conflict between spouses.

At BlissDivorce, we have a new vision

Our new vision for the divorce experience: two spouses are empowered to create the best agreement for them, even if they’re not getting along. Our driving principle is that the best people to work out a divorce agreement are the spouses themselves.

We developed breakthrough innovations

To bring this vision to life, we’ve developed three key innovations:

  • Affordable, transparent pricing – Average selling price of $3,000 is a huge savings vs. attorneys. Proprietary algorithm predicts the cost if you go to an attorney, demonstrating the enormous savings of using BlissDivorce.
  • Personalized, guided experience – Spouses guided through a step-by-step process that dramatically reduces time—from 11-17 months to 1-2 months. We tailor the experience to the user’s emotional state and offer support services along the way (e.g. name change, online counseling, establishing credit).
  • Disputes identified and resolved through the platform – We’ve developed the next generation of online dispute resolution (ODR) tools to empower couples to work out their differences, even in a contentious divorce. Current ODR is highly effective at resolving monetary disputes of up to $5 million. We’ve adapted this technology to resolve the relational disputes that arise in a divorce, like what to do with the home and what the child custody and visitation agreement should be. Our patented tools will be honed and improved over time using machine learning.

We're investing to build trust

While BlissDivorce is a fully online experience, we provide a variety of human support when users need it:

  • Customer Support Coaches available 24/7 to help with the process
  • Ask an Attorney – click to instantly chat or talk by phone with an attorney (fee per 15 min)
  • Virtual Mediators to work out any final areas of disagreement
  • Optional attorney review of final agreement (additional charge)

These human backstops will help build trust and confidence, as will our 100% money-back guarantee. If an attorney negotiates an agreement you like better, you get a full refund. This shows our confidence in our product at low risk—few people will go to the expense of taking us up on this.

Strong Appeal

We tested BlissDivorce with 265 people getting or recently divorced (90% confidence) using a state-of-the-art research methodology called concept testing. The results were exceptional:

  • 48% said they would definitely use BlissDivorce. Another 35% said they probably would use BlissDivorce.
  • These scores received a top quintile ranking (highest possible) compared to 50+ similarly priced legal tech and fintech products.
  • There was a high willingness to pay—interest in BlissDivorce dropped little from $1,500 all the way up to a $5,000 price.

Accelerated Path to Market

With COVID-19, virtual services are in demand, disposable income is down and divorces are expected to spike due to lockdowns. To capitalize on these conditions we are speeding to market with BlissDivorce Virtual Mediation, our MVP. Set to launch this summer, BlissDivorce Virtual Mediation will deliver our full value proposition by using human mediators instead of ODR tools to work out disagreements. This not only gets us to market fast, but gives a pathway to develop our full DIY product.

Strong, Experienced Team

Finally, we have a truly exceptional leadership team working to bring BlissDivorce to market:

Our high-powered advisory team includes top online dispute resolution thought leaders:

A Huge Opportunity

With a huge market of 1.1 million divorces every year in the U.S., we have a big opportunity at even modest share levels. Just a 5% market share in the 25 largest U.S. states results in $160M annual revenue. We believe there is potentially a multi-billion dollar growth opportunity by expanding into other markets (EU) and applying our ODR technology to other legal verticals.

Note: above info contains forward-looking projections which cannot be guaranteed.


BlissDivorce is one of those rare opportunities to not only build a large, disruptive business, but also help reduce the pain and financial hardship so many families go through as a result of divorce. We hope you’ll join us in the exciting and important venture.