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A 'Fitbit' For Your Eyes


reserved of a $50,000 goal
$20M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K


The world's first continuous Ocular Surface Analyzer
Stylish eyewear with cutting edge sensing
An expandable ocular health monitoring platform
Innovative technology with several patents pending
One Founding member has 18+ US Patents
We received over $1M in non-diluting funding from National Science Foundation
Seamless sensor integration into a pair of regular functioning eyeglass frames

Our Team

We are a talented team with deep engineering capabilities, a host of innovation, and a ton of energy. But what's truly impressive is our compassion to help people and ultimately within Blink, help people preserve their vision.

"At Blink we are building an ocular healthcare platform into a pair of glasses that will bring doctors and patients together in order to preserve their vision."

Joshua Park, CEO

An Ocular Opportunity

The problem of limited knowledge. In the healthcare world today, a typical optometrist sees their patients once a year, allowing for limited scope and vision into the patient's ocular health. Capturing only a moment of time in the eye's health, most eye conditions go untreated or are treated inefficiently.

Our Mission

AI-Based Vision Preservation.
With the mission of vision preservation in mind, Blink has built a continuous ocular healthcare platform that allows individuals to track their eye health and overall wellness. 

In a single pair of glasses, we deliver continuous eye health data with over a million more data points than current practices, pledging towards early diagnosis and smart disease management.

Product Roadmap

As we look ahead, our vision and goal is to have a prototype release by Q3 2022 and a full product release by Q4 2023. We expect to reach full scale by Q2 2025 and expansion into the European market by Q2 2026 with the aim to sell over 1 million frames every year by then. 

AI Roadmap

With vision preservation in mind, we have pledged ourselves to the development of AI that will Blink to track wellness factors associated with diseases so that you can work with your doctor towards early diagnosis and smart disease management. In conjunction with the prototype product release in Q3 2022, Blink will be able to track screen time, eye fatigue, posture, drug compliance as well as test vision. By Q2 2025 our AI is expected to track a host of wellness indicators associated with major diseases such as glaucoma, kidney disease, cataracts, and more to help your doctor make an accurate early diagnosis. 

Business Model

Unlike competitors in this market space, Blink has built its business model on both consumers and providers, presenting itself both as a stylish wellness tracking device and a potential medical device built to track health and manage diseases. This allows for adoption both in provider markets as well as consumer markets. 

Go to Market


Blink is the only set of frames that will offer continuous tracking of the ocular surface. Most other devices in the market space are positioned as potential medical devices with cumbersome user interfaces while providing limited imaging and tracking.

Acquisition Opportunities

Competitive Advantage