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Weapons maintenance without weapons disassembly

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Tactical Shit Review of BlaznTech's Motorized Weapons Cleaning System
August 29, 2016
We take an in depth look at BlaznTech's MWCS.
AR-15 - BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapons Cleaning System
December 23, 2015
I show how to use the BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapons Cleaning System (MWCS) on my AR-15. I also share my thoughts while overviewing this product. ------------- nsz85 on Instagram: nsz85 on Facebook: Thank you for watching and please subscribe for future videos!
BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapons Cleaning System
December 9, 2015
Chummerz review on BLAZnTECH's MWCS. Introducing the world's 1st Motorized Weapons Cleaning System. This pocket sized tool is designed to fit in the ejection port to be able to clean without disassembling your upper receiver. The Custom Nylon Brush causes no damage to the weapon, providing enough rigidity to ensure that carbon, powder residue and fouling are effectively removed.
BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapon Cleaning System Set to Ship in September
August 22, 2015
I posted last May introducing BLAZnTECH and their innovative firearms cleaning system. BLAZnTECH originally had a shipping date in July. They've since pushed the shipping date to September, but are manufacturing limited quantities for and offering a discount to military and law enforcement members.
Motorized Weapons Cleaning System by BLAZnTECH - The Firearm Blog
May 20, 2015
Now here is something that I really wish I had during my time in the Corps... the BLAZnTECH motorized weapons cleaning system. Its so simple, its brilliant. A rotating brush for cleaning the chamber of an AR (or other components with suitable attachments). BLAZnTECH is taking pre-orders for the MWCS now.
Coming to the Range: BLAZnTECH Motorized MSR Chamber Cleaning Kit
May 15, 2015
Any MSR shooter knows the joy of firing off a few hundred rounds is almost directly countered by facing the grim reality of cleaning your rifle when you get home. It's especially defeating if you have a direct impingement MSR.
BLAZnTECH Motorized Weapons Cleaning System
May 14, 2015
Posted on May 14th, 2015 by ar15news BLAZnTECH is a new company bringing an equally new cleaning product to market. Its their Motorized Weapons Cleaning System which is designed to clean the lugs and chamber of your AR or handguns. The MWCS spins a nylon chamber brush at 300 RPM and has a built in LED light for visual inspection.
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