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Invest in Blawesome

The first wellness community and coach marketplace

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🦄 >$50M ARR by 2025 with current growth rate + market
🤝 Enterprise contracts >50K Employees. Set up for $175K MRR Q2 22
🤳 Product in both App Stores with 2000 members and growing daily
🔁 Recurring Coach MRR; Q4 21 revenue >$13k → $16K starting Q1 22
📈 $1.4T market with consistent growth YOY
🏆 Winner of Techstars Women in Tech + #1 ranked start up in Founders Institute summer 2021 cohort
💰 Award winning founders with proven track records running and selling businesses
🌎 Mission driven team building the future of Health & Wellness Tech using AI

Our Team

I’ve worked in the wellness space for over a decade, and witnessed first hand the debilitating effects social media had on my clients, and the positive power of holistic health and wellness coaching. There was no social wellness community and marketplace to meet their needs, so I created it.

Invest in Blawesome - the female lead, award winning, AI and science-backed Wellness and Holistic Health platform.

The Blawesome platform makes it easy for Coaches, Healers, and Holistic Health Professionals to create and sell their services while fostering a safe place for all members to connect, share and learn with a growth-focused community.

Unlike other networks, Blawesome puts the data we collect back in the hands of the community. Our AI and continuous research will help you improve quality of life through nutrition and exercise, and reduce your healthcare costs. Blawesome gives coaches the tools and technology to enhance the impact of their support and mentorship in helping you reach your goals.

People want to feel better, and the trend has no end in sight. Still, many of us go to toxic social platforms to learn about health and wellness, and professionals battle algorithms making them focus more on marketing rather than what they love, which is helping people.

Vicky wants: 

✔ A place to create content that converts

✔ A single service to help her practice and clients

✔ Better client tracking to increase renewals

✔ To get paid by health insurance

Jane wants: 

✔ A safe online community to learn about and practice wellness daily

✔ To track and reach her personal development goals

✔ Connect with a coach she trusts and can afford

Rachel Wants: 

✔ To create improved team happiness and cohesiveness

✔ A wellness program tailored to her teams needs

✔ To create team initiatives and track goals

✔ To pay for team services with health insurance

Blawesome is serving three consistently growing markets and our core business is focused on Digital Health and Wellness, via coaching and health tracking. This growing market is currently valued at $158 billion and is expected to grow to $220 billion by 2026.

In addition, we operate in two other verticals within our industry;

eLearning: $458 billion 2026

Telehealth: $67 billion 2026

With the increasing focus on how people view their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, the coaching industry will continue to grow. Blawesome is here to help coaches and their clients with their journey.

Our members already love us, and we are excited to continue delighting them.

Blawesome is creating the global standard for learning and sharing about health and wellness in three easy ways:

Discover: Find Health and Wellness professionals to help you reach your goals. Meet friends to stay accountable with and a community focused on making each other thrive and prosper daily.

Connection: Stay aligned with friends and groups of peers and mentors in a safe online space, while tracking your goals and celebrating the wins and losses in a supportive community.

Grow: From sharing something new you’ve learned, to buying a micro-lesson or a 1-on-1 session with a pro, Blawesome's evolving platform is here to support you and your growth.

Blawesome is a platform created for Wellness Professionals. Every feature and service is designed specifically to help increase the impact of their work. Happy clients become their raving fans.

We started with a small closed group of members to learn what they needed and what would keep Blawesome sticky and continually relevant for them.

Our multi-sided business model

Blawesome has a three sided business model with $16k monthly recurring revenue  starting Q1 2022.

Blawesome for coaches: A three tiered subscription for coaches that allows them to focus on creating, teaching and simply managing their business. Blawesome provides all the tools needed to earn 6 figures + yearly from their coaching practice.  Blawesome’s proprietary marketing engine and award winning AI tools help them retain happy clients. 

Blawesome for students: A monthly subscription allows access to Blawesome Body, the on-demand and live holistic wellness platform. This subscription also removes service fees from coaching services in the marketplace. Members can also choose to buy a la carte with a small 7.5% transaction fee that maxes out at $7.50 per transaction. 

Blawesome for SMB:
The Blawesome team caters a unique wellness program for your business and it’s team. Providing you with the tools to properly integrate healthy Wellness practices in your businesses daily flow. Our science-backed practices are proven to increase happiness, group cohesiveness and workflow. These programs open all Blawesome’s features and create a micro-network within the Blawesome eco-system for the team to track, share, and grow together.

We’ve bootstrapped the heavy lifting to prove our commitment to this product and the life changing effects it will have on all it’s users. We will be using the funds raised in this round to build key partnerships and continue with our product market fit. 

We are a passionate, mission-driven team that truly cares about the problem we are solving. We are committed to building a great company that will use tech to help amazing, independent Health and Wellness providers improve the impact of their services. 

    ✔ Enterprise contract w/ company with >50K employees for the Blawesome Body service. Set up for $175K MRR

    ✔ Recurring Coach MRR; Q4 21 revenue >$13k → $16K Q122 

    We've created millions of dollars of value and happy customers with a bootstrapped budget.

    ✔ Winner of following awards & scholarships:

    ✦ Top ranked Startup out of 70 in Founder’s Institute 21
    ✦ Winner Techstars Women in Tech 21
    ✦ openAI
    ✦ Google Cloud for startups program
    ✦ NVIDIA backed, Inception Deep Learning & AI member

    ✔ Team has already built and sold a tech company, has scaled two businesses to 7 figures in the health and wellness.

    ✔ Robust team of senior developers building all our technology in house. We have IP and patents pending.

    ✔ Ongoing customer discovery reveals the market is wanting us to solve this problem. With 50K coaches and trainers using the Blawesome platform, we will be earning $50M ARR. (This represents 0.5% of the market to achieve this milestone). We intend to achieve this in 3 years.

    ✦$1000+ lifetime membership to Blawesome Body the on demand Health & Wellness service (value $5000+)

    Are you a coach or offer services that you can sell on Blawesome?

    ✦ Invest $1500 dollars today and receive 2 years full access subscription to Blawesome (value $2280)


    ✦ $5,000+ 30 min 1-on-1 video call with the our CEO Jennifer Kruidbos

    ✦ $100k+ invitation to quarterly team meeting to help shape the future of our platform