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πŸ’– The wellness community and marketplace that's helping people help each other

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Female led company with 15+ years experience in corporate health and wellness
πŸ† Winner of Techstars Women in Tech 2021
πŸ“ˆ Founders with proven track records running and selling 6 figures month-over-month businesses
πŸš€ Google Backed, member of Google Cloud for start ups program
⚑️ NVIDIA backed, Inception Deep Learning & AI member
🀳 Market ready product with successful close beta
🀝 Building the community that helps people help people!

Our Team

I’ve worked in the wellness space for over a decade, and witnessed first hand the debilitating effects social media had on my clients, and the positive power of holistic health and wellness coaching. There was no social wellness community and marketplace to meet their needs, so I created it.

Invest in Blawesome - The first social wellness community and marketplace that’s helping people help each other

Blawesome is the first global wellness community and marketplace that both educates people using user-generated content and enhances accessibility to health and wellness products and services from wellness service providers, coaches and healers.  

Late 2019 we set out to solve three major problems:

  • Too much traditional social media is toxic for our wellbeing
  • Wellness Service Providers, Coaches and Healers have no dedicated marketplace
  • There’s no modern and intuitive booking and management system with tools specifically tailored to online wellness for service providers and consumers

It's well known that traditional social media is unhealthy

Traditional social media has become an unhelpful force, yet we continue to give it our valuable time while using it to share, chat and connect.

It holds us back, and it brings us down. There is plenty of research about the damage that social media is causing to our mental health and our general wellness. The Royal Society for Public Health has found that depression, bullying, and sleep quality are all problems because of traditional social media, and other studies have found that heavy social media use correlates with feelings of isolation, worry and low self worth.

Our children are more at risk than anyone.

This is why I decided to build Blawesome

I am also speaking from experience. At the Montreal Children's Hospital, I worked closely with teens struggling through anorexia and other eating disorders. It never gets any easier to see young patients confused and in pain, beholden to algorithms designed to grab and hold their attention at any cost.

On Blawesome, we are striving for something better. Our social wellness platform is designed less like a mainstream platform and more like a close community. We are connecting people all around the world, encouraging them to help each other, fostering positivity, growth, and development.

We are using the same technologies the traditional social media companies use – AI, science, and cutting-edge algorithms – we are instead directing these tools toward protecting our users.

Instead of self-comparison, anxiety, and depression, users on Blawesome can expect to find gratitude, compassion, and empathy. Our aim is not to hook you in and wring you out, to get all that we can out of you.

No! We want you to come to Blawesome and, after you log out, feel better than you did when you logged in. Our algorithms nudge you toward support and connection. We want to add value to your lives.

We are now entering the feel better era

Yes, This is a challenging idea, but it is an existing market. Global wellness and personal development amounts to $4.2 trillion currently – all without a central hub. Through our end-to-end booking and management tools, we are empowering coaches and wellness service providers to build their businesses more efficiently and to make an even greater impact on their clients' lives.

Consider this: 94% of millennials are spending $300 every month on self-improvement, and 35% of Gen Z, despite their youth, have already hired a life coach.

There is demand for this platform, a craving for something that is as different from mainstream social media as possible. That is, in a nutshell, what we aim to become. We are creating an intentional, conscientious community, emphasizing wellness above all else.

But it’s just another social media marketplace

No! Blawesome vets all coaches and wellness service providers, and holds them accountable to the highest standards. Professionals will be able to produce masterclasses, host groups, one-on-ones, and courses to inspire clients. Ruby Rose – the Blawesome AI assistant – will be there at all times, offering encouragement and positive motivation (in natural language, of course). We will then moderate the platform constantly, to ensure a world-class experience for all of our users.

By cutting down on the work that life coaches and wellness service providers need to do outside of coaching and training, we are also making these services more affordable and accessible than ever before.

The possibilities for Blawesome are endless

We will complete our first proprietary AI algorithms in Q1 2022. From there, we are going to partner with AI researchers and development organizations and introduce our proprietary learning management system. You can count on us, every step of the way, to continue to use data ethically, one more way that we are distinguishing ourselves from most other social media.

Women-led and women-owned

Blawesome draws on my fifteen years of experience as a well-being coach. I have built and operated my own corporate wellness firm, Essential Rituals. Along the way, I have learned how invaluable a supportive community is and how sacred the coach-student bond can be.

I am not doing this alone, though. My technical co-founder has built and sold a technology company already, and our team includes award-winning coders, wellness advocates, and marketing professionals, all of whom share my vision of more positive, uplifting social media for a happier, healthier world.

Since our launch, we have experienced 50% growth month-over-month growth – all without spending a single dollar on marketing. We have bootstrapped this project to date, finding success all on the strength of the Blawesome concept. We won Techstars Women in Tech 2021 and earned backing from Google Cloud and NVIDIA.

Now, we are ready to do much, much more

We are asking you to invest a minimum of $250 to participate in this crowdfunding campaign. While Blawesome may not look like anything you have ever seen before, we know that there is a market for this. We are confident that the world is waiting for this very idea, something to rescue them from the endless pit of despair so many other social media platforms have come to represent.

Change starts today, when you choose to support Blawesome and to stand up for the sort of internet we would all like to see.

Let's rediscover community together and reclaim the health and wellness that are our natural birthrights.

In addition, go ahead and tell your friends and family how much you are looking forward to getting on Blawesome and amping up for our new future.

We appreciate all your support, and we thank you for your time.

Blawesome beautifully together!