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BeWell Digital (YC W21)

BeWell helps India’s 80K+ hospitals comply with recent Insurance regulation

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Daniel interviewed BeWell Digital (YC W21) on May 25, 2021. Play Video
Daniel Edwards
Daniel is a startup CEO, angel investor, advisor and board member spanning from London to Silicon Valley.
says, "Alagiri and the BeWell team are off to a great start! They are taking advantage of the changing medical regulation in India and helping hospital become compliant. BeWell has already shown there is a demand for their product by signing up 6 hospitals on the system. BeWell has built a solid foundation, now they just need to scale the business."
says, "Because you've already built the software focus everything you can on scaling and sales. Hiring sales people right now is the key to scaling because of the changing landscape with the medical regulation. This opportunity is in a landgrab phase and you should try to scale now as aggressively as you can because it will determine your revenue and growth for the next 5 years."

What Investors Say

Invested $1,000 this round + #<Enumerator:0x00007faeef225b78> previously
BeWell, with it's vision to transform and digitize healthcare infrastructure in India, has arrived at the perfect time to help medical institutions comply with the new government regulations. I grew up in India and have had first hand experience of the medical system there. After moving to the US, I realised that a lot of the stress related to paperwork can be eliminated by a simple digital system. Considering how stressful a hospital visit can be, an innovative solution like BeWell's products can make a huge difference in making the whole process a little better. I have known Alagiri and Vishnu for over 15 years now. Their partnership is uniquely admirable. They complement each other while also being able to challenge each other's ideas constructively.

Their ability to commit to and execute a plan while being adaptive to challenging situations is a trait I have always seen in them. I believe that this time will be no different. I have watched them gather all the skills required to run a successful company. This is evident from how quickly hospitals have been eager to adopt the BeWell product.I completely trust that BeWell will go places. I am glad that I am able to invest in such an extraordinary team and am happy to be a small part of the BeWell journey.
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