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A comprehensive telehealth platform for veterinarians and pet owners.


Benevet helps veterinarians provide better care, more efficiently and more profitably.
Benevet improves pet owners' satisfaction and overall quality of care.
Our team includes highly-respected veterinarians who are leaders in their field.
Benevet sits at the intersection of the pet, veterinary, and telehealth spaces, all multi-billion dollar industries.
Benevet handles video and audio meetings, client photos and videos, secure messages, billing, & documentation.
Benevet's centralized data storage alleviates the need for practices to fax or email information.
Benevet enables veterinarians to work efficiently with other veterinarians, such as specialists.
Benevet is the only veterinary telehealth platform specifically seeking veterinarian investors.

Our Team

Both co-founders have a love of animals along with work experience in areas that relate to this project. Dan, one co-founder, is a cardiologist and has long seen the need for efficient, accessible medical record storage; David, the other co-founder, has a background in software design and user experience and envisions an industry-changing product.

The Benevet Telehealth Platform

We’re developing a worldwide telehealth, or virtual care, platform that connects you with clients and with other veterinarians online.

We promote healthy animals and well-informed owners by making veterinary care more accessible and convenient.

We support you by offering new methods for delivering, documenting, and coordinating care, and for receiving compensation.

As veterinary professionals, we are asking you to join us as investors, partners, advisors, and users of the platform.

Who We Are

Dan Guralnick, MD - Co-founder and CEO

Dan is a human cardiologist and experienced pet owner with 15+ years integrating telehealth into his practice.

David Guralnick, PhD - Co-founder and CTO
David has been a software/user experience designer and online learning expert for 30 years; he's a Columbia University Adjunct Professor, president of the International E-Learning Association, and president of Kaleidoscope Learning, an e-learning company.

Our Veterinary Partners

Ted Cohn, DVM: Past president, American Veterinary Medical Association

Shane Ryan, BVSc, MVS: Past president, World Small Animal Veterinary Association

Jason Nicholas, BVetMed (Hons): ER/GP veterinarian, consultant, co-founder of Preventive Vet

Heidi Ward-McGrath, BVSc: CEO and senior veterinary surgeon, VetCare Limited

How It Works

Benevet enables online communication allowing you to diagnose, treat, consult, and educate when an office visit is not necessary or not possible.

Benevet offers a fast signup process allowing you to customize Benevet to your needs – select which services to provide, set your own fees, state preferences for connecting with existing clients, referrals, or anyone in need of advice – whatever you are most comfortable with and is in line with regulations in your region.

Key product features:

  • Recorded online video visits
  • Secure messaging system
  • Scheduled online visits or “on call” for immediate online consultation
  • Documentation – an “open chart” that clients or other providers may review
  • Billing handled automatically at point of care with no further administrative work
  • Permanent online health record accessed and jointly maintained by all caregivers – upload important health information such as documents, images, or test results to minimize records transfer
  •  Focal point through which all caregivers communicate.

    How It Looks: A Benevet Video Consultation

    The Veterinarian's Dashboard

    The Pet Details Page

    See Benevet In Action

    Take a look at our Benevet Demo/Promo Video, created with a focus on veterinarians' uses of the product, to see how Benevet will work in practice.

    Virtual Care: Benefits to Your Practice

    • Manage and monitor patients from a distance while getting paid for your services. 
    • Be more accessible and invite client engagement and collaboration. 
    • Increase revenue and work flexibility – Benevet is designed to be all profit, no overhead. 
    • Form active partnerships with clients, improving quality of care and client satisfaction. 
    • Request or deliver specialty consultation that may not otherwise be available. 
    • Promote preventive healthcare guidelines. 
    • More closely manage chronic or recurrent illnesses. 
    • Rapidly assess acute illness (triage) and assist clients in deciding when an emergency office visit is necessary. 
    • Save clients time and travel when an office visit is not necessary or not possible. 
    • Demonstrate to clients that your practice is innovative and uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the best care possible.

    Virtual Care: Benefits to Your Clients

    • Receive care from anywhere, with no need to miss work or travel long distances.
    • Save time and travel with no waiting room, no stress to the animal, and no exposure to other sick animals or people. 
    • Easily collaborate with their primary veterinarian for chronic issues. 
    • Obtain second opinions and consultations that may not be available in their area. 
    • Get timely advice for urgent issues, avoiding reliance upon an Internet search for important decisions. 
    • Discuss preventative medicine, nutrition, behavioral issues, vaccinations, and more.
      Jointly manage their animal's Benevet chart, updating information and adding documents, pictures, or video as needed. 
    • Review chart notes, secure messages, or recordings of any visit any time. 
    • Save money – virtual visits may be less expensive than traditional office visits or alleviate the need for an emergency room visit, reducing cost when appropriate.

    Veterinarian Investor Opportunity

    We believe we have acquired a fantastic team of exceptional, trustworthy people with varied backgrounds who can orchestrate this grassroots movement and bring a worldwide virtual care platform into existence.

    We expect unlimited opportunities to expand the platform with additional clinical care delivery applications, research, education, shelter medicine and charitable contributions.

    We need your help to make this a success! With your investment dollars, talents, and ideas we can avoid involvement of other stakeholders and remain true to our mission.

    We have spent > $250,000 USD thus far, combined for thousands of hours of our own time and employed many along the way: software engineers, graphic designers, lawyers, and more.  We're looking to raise funds to complete the product and get it to market. According to our projections, we need to raise a minimum of $150,000 to make this happen; if we can raise more, we can incorporate additional features into the first product release and better publicize the product.

    All veterinarians (and veterinary students – you are the future and should be included now!) are invited to invest, join our advisory board and ultimately utilize Benevet once released.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Any future financial projections or returns for investors cannot be guaranteed.

    Investment Details

    Benevet’s product was originally developed by its parent company, Benecast, LLC (“Benecast”) (formerly known as Benevet, LLC).  In order to allow investors, Benecast created Benevet Social Purpose Corporation in August, 2020, and licensed its technology to Benevet Social Purpose Corporation in exchange for equity.  Benevet Social Purpose Corporation (sometimes referred to as Benevet SPC) is incorporated in the state of Washington and is a special type of corporation in that its format allows it to pursue social goals rather than solely focusing on maximizing shareholder profits--in other words, Benevet SPC can work to promote animal health and serve its user base of veterinarians and clients as part of its mission. 

    Benecast, LLC, the company under which we have built the Benevet product to this point, is owned by Dan Guralnick and David Guralnick and is the parent company of Benevet Social Purpose Corporation. Benevet Social Purpose Corporation holds legal rights to use and distribute the Benevet product and its underlying technology in the veterinary industry in any way that it sees fit to do so.  Benevet Social Purpose Corporation is the company that is looking for investors; we needed to make this change before raising funds because we felt that a corporation would be an easier type of entity for fundraising purposes.

    The pre-fundraising valuation of Benevet Social Purpose Corporation to date has been set at $1.975 million USD, and we are offering up to 21 percent of the company to veterinarians/veterinary professionals predominantly. Up to 2100 shares are being offered, with a maximum value of $525,000, resulting in a post-fundraising company valuation of $2.5 million if we meet our funding goal. 

    Providing a public health service will remain a priority as opposed to maximizing profit.

    Our plan is to continue to grow and expand Benevet to serve the needs of veterinarians, pet owners, and pets.

    Join our community of veterinary investors today!

    Contact Information

    Dan Guralnick, MD
    Co-founder and CEO, Benevet