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Synchronized music in every room

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Beep Aims For Sonos In The Race To Network Home Audio
February 19, 2014
Beep is a very simple platform for controlling music anywhere on your network.
Ex-Google employees announce Beep, the Chromecast of audio
February 6, 2014
Beep is a small copper device that connects to users Wi-Fi networks to play music from streaming services such as Pandora. The device is designed to make it easy for users to listen to music from the Internet without having to leave their smartphones hooked up to their speakers.
How An "Evil Router" Can Help You Build Wi-Fi Devices That Actually Work
February 6, 2014
Like an Apple Airport Express, Beep is a small piece of hardware that enables almost any pair of speakers to become an output for streaming music. But unlike other wireless speakers, you actually interact with this device: It's a large tactile dial that has light indicators for volume level and blinks to show it’s buffering—like a smarter version of the giant volume knob already on your receiver.
Beep wants to take on Sonos by bringing HTML5 apps to your speakers
February 6, 2014
Beep is entering an increasingly crowded market, but the device easily stands out: It’s essentially a copper clickwheel that can be used to adjust the volume of whatever you’re playing.
Music to Your Ears: New Gadget Turns Dumb Speakers 'Smart'
February 6, 2014
Imagine walking through your front door while playing the latest Beyonce album on your smartphone, and then simply hitting a button to switch the music to your home speakers — none of which were originally equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities.
Meet Beep, a universal wireless audio alternative to Sonos’ walled garden
February 6, 2014
To offer an analogy, if Sonos is iOS with its my-way-or-the-highway ideology, Beep is the open and inclusive Android platform. This comes as little surprise as Conrad worked on the team that built Google’s first Nexus Android smartphone.
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