First Web3 Mortgage App For Consumers

Last Funded August 2022


raised from 1,400 investors


⚡️ 3x faster than 🚀 Mortgage | Compared to Uber & Venmo by users | Demo in pitch video above
🦄 10,000+ downloads & early stage revenue | Beating competitors by 1% or more on rates
🏁 $2.4M+ VC-backed | Featured on TD Ameritrade's TV network, The Washington Post, Forbes & NBC News
💰 Automation acquires customers at 1/3 cost of other lenders | $2.5M raised on Stonks
💥 Innovation with broad social impact + women & minority founded
💪🏽 Product, technology and user experience innovation for $5 Trillion market
✅ Team experienced in mobile app dev, mortgage lending, real estate and blockchain/AI/ML automation
🤖 Patent pending technology increasing loan production up to 3x or 4x

Our Team

Bee is a mortgage app founded by one husband, a wife and a couch surfer 🏄🏻 who believed they could improve the wealth gap by making mortgages simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

Get a mortgage from your phone without talking to a human

All the tools & resources a first-time buyer needs. None of the unwanted phone calls or sales pressure.

Pre-approval in as little as three minutes, any time of the day

  • Instant decision with verified credit, income, and assets
  • Customize and generate a new pre-approval letter on the fly

Get a loan on your terms

  • No hassle or pressure from a salesperson
  • Track and manage your loan every step of the way all from your phone

100% mobile experience, from shopping through closing

Everything from rate shopping through closing can be done from your couch. Getting pre-approved is as easy as answering a simple set of questions. Bee will keep you updated through the rest of the underwriting process and you'll finish with a virtual closing.

It feels like you’re being guided through the process by an expert, just without the pesky phone calls and emails.

Web3 automation streamlines the process and reduces the cost of loan origination

Our tech does the heavy lifting, so that our employees can work efficiently and our customers can focus on finding their new home. 

How does this compare with the competition?

Bee can provide fully-verified pre-approval letters 300% faster than other lenders. In just a few minutes, as opposed to 72 hours. We estimate Bee will close loans 14 days faster than the industry average.

And we'll do it at 1/3 of the cost. Bee will be able to reduce the cost to close a loan by 67% compared to the industry average.

Bee has 3 things other lenders do not:

1. A mobile app providing users a new mobile UX customers compare to Uber. 
2. Web3 technology powering the mobile app and acquiring customers at 1/3 the cost of competitors. 
3. A go-to-market opportunity similar to Uber and unique to Bee. 

What traction have you gained so far?

Here's what we've accomplished since our last Wefunder round.

Over $2.5M at Wefunder x Stonks Demo Day Over $2.5 million of investor interest has come in so far and counting! Bee received more interest than the other 4 startups that participated. Check out our Stonks raise page here.

Automated Pre-Approval in Beta Testing (and customers love it!) Beta testers have been pre-approved with Bee in 8.5 minutes, without uploading any documents.

"I didn't have to talk anybody. I didn't have to grab any of my bank statements or investment accounts - not a single piece of paper... And I had my pre-approval letter in my inbox 10 minutes after I downloaded the app." - Mark

Growing team and board of directors In the last several months, we've grown to a full product team of 5 full-time employees and 8 contract developers. In addition, we've brought on 3 board members with expertise in Finance, User Engagement, and Risk Management.

Over 10K downloads of the Bee Buying Power Calculator Our calculator app has over 10 thousand downloads since launch in August 2020 with very little marketing spend behind it! We are seeing a strong consumer desire to engage with our app when starting out their home buying journey. This is one of many signals we are seeing that indicate a generational shift from traditional banking to the use of mobile and technology when it comes to finances.

We're on the road to launch 🚀 

We're raising money to build out the rest of our mortgage service and launch in Florida Q4 this year. Join the crowdfund to help us reach this next big milestone!