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Atense Computer Vaccine protects all computing devices - no more SolarWinds hack

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Global cybersecurity market is predicted to grow from $167 billion in 2019 to $248 billion in 2023.
We have a working prototype which is 70% complete to becoming a commercial product.
The computer is shielded from all malware, computer viruses, and ransomware.
We hold 10 US patents and have patents pending in Europe, India, and China.
The US DoD and large enterprises have already expressed interest in using our technology.
The founding team has over 75 years experience in technology and startups.
The founding team is responsible for having raised 200 million US dollars over their careers.
The founder has invested over $600,000 in funds and labor

Our Team

Founder and CEO
Mr. Almeida holds 26 US patents currently used in virtual content, encryption, online advertising, social networking, and e-commerce. Eight patents will be utilized in Atense Computer Vaccine.
I, John Almeida, have been in the computer industry since 1984. In 2006 my computer was infected. It took me one week to remove all malware from my computer. At that moment, I decided to change the computer security industry.
Advisor and Acting COO
Mr. O'Hara has over 30 years of experience in management consulting and as CFO of young technology companies. Areas of expertise include fundraising, management, business and strategic planning, financial modeling, and launching new ventures.
William Archibald CPO
Mr. Archibald has over 30 years of experience as an engineer, founder, inventor, CTO and CKO. As the founder and CTO of GlobeSet, he raised over $90M in equity financing and developed payment systems used in over 60 institutions in 20 countries.


Atense Computer Vaccine controls what runs and doesn’t run on a Windows computer. Authorized software runs, but malware, old and new, gets blocked at arrival.


Computer infection and hacking is a major Global problem where millions of dollars are lost on the daily basis.


Computer antivirus and antimalware scan computer’s files producing a digital fingerprint, then matching the fingerprint with knows computer malware. The problem is, over one million malware get released daily and computers with up-to-date antimalware get infected and hacked all the time.


Atense Computer Vaccine encrypts every legitimate software program on a computer, creating a new executable program incorporating a digital DNA fingerprint unique to the computer. Computer Vaccine places itself within the operating system, so only programs with digital DNA can run. This prevents any malware or code injection invasions.

Atense Computer Vaccine protects any computer running the Windows operating system: laptop, desktop, server, virtual machine, and the cloud.


In 2006 the founder, John Almeida, was hacked, even though his computer had up-to-date antimalware software installed and running. But antimalware software is a reactive solution and only stops known malware and it could not stop the malware.

He invested eleven years doing research and, in the middle of 2017, a breakthrough. The solution to stop the malware epidemic was, having a kernel software driver working in the operating system to control what can and cannot be installed and executed on the computer.

Up to now, Atense has been granted ten US patents for this technology, with several more US patents pending, and patents filed in China, Europe, and India.

The founder, through another entity which the founder controls, has given to Atense a free non-exclusive license for sixteen additional US patents.


Please watch the demo below and you'll see for yourself Atense Computer Vaccine stopping computer infection and hacking attempts.


The top three players, who hold a 36% market share of the US cybersecurity market and gross over $5 billion dollars yearly, are focused on antimalware. But antimalware is a reactive solution that only stops known malware and over one million new malware strains are released every day. Atense Computer Vaccine is a proactive solution that stops malware without knowing anything about it. With our solution, malware is immediately disabled upon arrival.


Our target markets include businesses and governments, which comprise 79% of the US market. The US government alone invested an average of $15 billion in cybersecurity in 2019. We anticipate getting some revenues from the consumer sector but plan to focus our marketing and sales efforts on commercial and government customers.


We anticipate providing turnkey Atense Computer Vaccine solutions to businesses and governments on ongoing support using a SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue model. We also anticipate licensing our technology to manufacturers of web-connected devices, such as cell phones, IoT devices, computers, and peripherals. Because each new client generates ongoing subscription revenues, this relatively flat sales forecast generates a rapidly expanding subscription base.


The financial projections are based on conservative projections, known capital costs, and competitive pricing with comparable products already in the marketplace. Below are summary projected income statements for the next three years.