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Armbrust American (Reg D)

FDA-Registered Surgical and N95 Masks made in Texas

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Capital Factory reopening with extra safety precautions - Austin Business Journal
October 7, 2020
Check out the new normal at Capital Factory, one of Austin's most active hives of startup activity. Naturally, it's tapping into some of its own members' technologies to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading as people slowly return to its spaces.
Video: Lloyd Armbrust shares insights into his surgical mask-making startup
October 7, 2020
The path that led Lloyd Armbrust to launch a high-tech, high-capacity surgical mask startup in Pflugerville started long before the pandemic. In a Bytes with the Beat interview, Armbrust said he's had a dream to work in manufacturing since growing up in Duluth, Minn.
Coronavirus in Austin: Armbrust American raises $5M to make millions of surgical masks
October 7, 2020
Austin-based Armbrust American says it has raised $5 million to ramp up a facility the startup says will produce more than a million surgical masks a day.The company, founded in 2018, received the funding from Austin-based Capital Factory and locally based private investors, Armbrust American founder and CEO Lloyd Armbrust said.Armbrust American is making the masks in a 15,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Pflugerville off Texas State Highway 130.
Crisis Innovators: 5 of Austin's most impactful efforts to fight Covid-19
October 7, 2020
Through recent interviews with Austin entrepreneurs and leaders who took action in the early days of the pandemic and reporting on local startups and innovations over the past six months, we're taking a closer look at how the community came together to help flatten the curve and highlighting several of the most impactful efforts.
Armbrust American Opens Austin, Texas Facility to Produce Surgical Masks
August 13, 2020
AUSTIN, Texas-Armbrust American recently opened a Texas manufacturing facility, where it is currently producing medical face masks in an effort to combat PPE shortages and bring strategic manufacturing back to the United States.
Finding Our Heroes Among Us
August 13, 2020
By Mark Shortt August 13, 2020 As a college student more than 15 years ago, Lloyd Armbrust started a mold remediation business that required workers to wear N95 face masks while putting up 6-mil plastic sheeting. During that time, Armbrust learned that those N95 masks and other medical-grade masks were made in Wuhan, China.
The Pandemic's Impact on American Manufacturing
August 13, 2020
Manufacturing leaders and industry analysts share their insights on how COVID-19 is affecting U.S. manufacturers, and what it could mean going forward By Mark Shortt August 13, 2020 For many American manufacturing companies, the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare their need to make their supply chains more resilient and less vulnerable to risks.
Austin Firm Churns Out Masks In Vibrant Colors Amid Coronavirus
August 5, 2020
AUSTIN, TX - Think of mask wearing in these challenging times not only as a gesture of kindness and respect for others, but as a fashion statement. That's essentially the message behind a new launch of protective face coverings in an array of colors being churned out by Austin-based manufacturer Armbrust American.
MFM #92: The Three Month Old Company Profiting $90k Per Day
July 15, 2020
Ford, the startup: The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 with just $28k, and by 1905 was issuing dividends to investors. Similarly, Andrew Carnegie's bridge company returned dividends within 1-2 years. This is in stark contrast with today's reality where millions are needed to fund ambitious startups and profitability can take a decade to happen.
Austin company supplies N95 masks to Texas teachers
July 8, 2020
Armbrust American said it is ramping up production of its N95 masks after the company secured a nearly $4 million contract with the state. AUSTIN, Texas - An Austin company is helping teachers across Texas affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Will hospitals run out of protective gear again as cases rise?
June 30, 2020
As virus cases surge in Arizona, Florida, Texas and California, hospitals are beginning to be overwhelmed with patients. Other parts of the country have been there - and we all saw what happened. Health care workers did not have enough protective equipment.
Armbrust American Opens Texas Lab Capable of Producing 1.2 Million Surgical Masks per Day
May 26, 2020
AUSTIN, TX - Armbrust American recently announced the official opening of its manufacturing facility here, and to ramp up its production to 1.2 million surgical masks per day. The company has plans to scale production to billions annually if needed. Advanced automation and vertical integration enable Armbrust American to produce these masks cheaper than Chinese suppliers.
Over 1 million masks in one day, Austin start-up opens up facility in Pflugerville
May 20, 2020
by: Kaitlyn Karmout Posted: / Updated: PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) - An Austin-based startup has raised $5 million to set up shop in Pflugerville. The company, Armbrust America plans to address the nation-wide PPE shortage and bring manufacturing back to the U.S.
Over 1 million surgical masks a day: Armbrust American sets up shop in Pflugerville
May 19, 2020
Lloyd Armbrust, founder and CEO of Armbrust American, developed an automated system to produce surgical face masks at a Pflugerville facility. (Taylor Jackson Buchanan/Community Impact Newspaper) In a 15,000-square-foot facility near SH 130, an assembly line of machinery creates 120 surgical masks a minute.
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