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Invest in Argo

The web3 streaming platform powered by creators and fans (YC W22)

Friends Invest First
Public Launch on Feb 7 @ 9:00 AM ET
$27M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $500K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $27M valuation cap and 20% discount
$1K, $5K, $25K
We are innovators and believers in the future of content, and we are impressed with Argo's vision for a Web3 platform that honors content, creators and consumers. The Argo team has built businesses before and has deep insight into content and social businesses, as well as the industry nuts-and-bolts that this project requires to be successful. Through an expansive vision, concrete product development progress and meaningful partnerships in industry and invest


🚀 Founders have scaled companies from 0 to exit: Bumble (IPO), FuboTV (IPO), Prizeo ($100M exit) & Boxee (Samsung)
💥 100M+ fan audience via pipeline partnerships
⭐ YC Winter 2022 batch with $4M raised
🏆 Emmy Award-winning creative team with partnerships including Sundance & Cannes
💻 Innovative engineering team who designed NFT projects with $9M+ in traded value
🔥 Exceptional growth forecast - $100M ARR projected by 2025 (projection not guaranteed)
⚡ Addressing a $500B market of web3 + creator economy + video streaming

Our Team

As a producer and lover of film, I was frustrated by the lack of tools and communities to support independent creators. After launching Argo for short film creators, we recognized that there are brands, musicians, visual artists, influencers and vloggers that are looking for similar solutions.

Why Argo?

Social streaming platforms rake in record profits by owning creators’ content and fan relationships, leaving creators at the mercy of corporate decision-making and algorithms.

Fans, too, suffer: oversaturated and advertising driven platforms have led to mindless scrolling, irrelevant content, and a lack of authentic community.

We’re harnessing leading blockchain technology to create an unforgettable streaming experience - for both creators and fans.

As a blockchain integrated video-on-demand (VOD) platform, creators and fans enjoy total transparency when it comes to earnings, ownership, and engagement.

  • Creators sell subscriptions, exclusive content, and digital products
  • Creators create and cross-promote shared channels to reach new audiences
  • Fans get paid for watching, sharing, and supporting the creators they love

Fans can say goodbye to mindless scrolling and irrelevant content. Argo ensures they get the amazing content they want, exactly when they want it.

Argo’s team consists of Emmy Award winners, major Hollywood producers, and serial entrepreneurs who have led billion-dollar companies to IPO. 

The rockstar team has led Argo’s selection as Y Combinator's Winter 2022 Batch.

Supported by a team of pioneering engineers in blockchain, solidity, and smart contracts that have led projects generating $9M+ in annual traded value.

Argo has a fast-growing dedicated global community of creators and fans, and we only just launched our beta stage.

As a Y Combinator 2022 company, Argo is proud to open our first community investment round, giving our creators and fans the chance to build Argo with us.

Best-in-class venture investors and angels have invested over $4M to date.

Downloads: Argo Investor Deck