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Invest in Arena Football Association

New Nationally-Scalable Arena Football League


Biz Model Proven and Sustainable (AFA 2050 and Beyond) 📊
5 Teams Played in League in 2021; One of the Teams has played Arena Football for 16 years 🏈🏆
Most teams profitable or break even (NO money losers) 💰💸
TV Deal with FloSports/National Sponsor (Modelo) 📺📽️
100+ teams by 2030; Massive Franchise Fee Growth 💪🏟️ (not guaranteed)
AFA Center of Excellence ensures Capital and Business Operations Efficiency 📈
Local Hero players draw fans, sponsors, and major media 🦸 🎉
Will have over 100M views in 2022; World Class Social Media 📹 🔊 (not guaranteed)

Our Team

This is football like you have never seen before.

Move over baseball – football has truly become America’s pastime. In early 2022, an estimated 101.1 million TV viewers tuned in for Super Bowl LVI.

Americans have a huge appetite for football, and the Arena Football Association (AFA) is the next serving.

The AFA delivers a new action-packed format that adds more excitement to America’s favorite ball game. This truly is football like you have never seen before!

Smaller Teams

Each team has just 8 players per side.

Players play both offence and defense.

Faster Games

Games are played at a high pace, with four 15-minute quarters.

Endzone rebound nets keep the ball in place for faster action.

Intense Atmosphere

Games are played on a 50-yard field (the size of an ice hockey rink).

5,000+ capacity indoor arenas for intense atmosphere.

Higher Scoring

Games are extremely high scoring – one game ended with 136 combined points in 2021!

Fans get to see a touchdown every four minutes (on average).

Our inaugural season was EPIC…

We can safely say that 2021 was a blast.

Despite launching the AFA in the midst of a global pandemic – when many places didn’t have any sports at all – our inaugural season went better than anyone could have predicted:

  • Thousands of fans watched blistering football played by five existing Texas franchises in two venues.
  • We struck a streaming broadcast deal with FloSports, allowing fans to watch games live online.
  • We secured a lucrative national sponsorship deal with Mexican beer leaders Modelo.
  • We partnered with leading digital sports content and marketing agency ThePostGame (TPG) to produce content and drive digital fan engagement.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

These partnerships will help us engage an educated and affluent global audience of 120 million viewers per year, with content specifically for the US, Canada, Mexico, and Germany.

…and our second season just gets BIGGER and BETTER.

In April 2022, the second season of the AFA will get underway – and it’s set to be BIGGER than our first year.

We have six teams involved in the league this season, including Amarillo Venom, Odessa West Texas Warbirds, Houston Texas Jets, Rio Grande Valley Dorados, North Richland Hills Texas Crude, and Ft. Worth North Texas Bulls.

The 2022 AFA season will be played from April to July, with the League’s championship game, The Carrier Cup, scheduled to be fought out aboard the aircraft carrier USS Lexington, stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas.

With our FloSports and TPG partnerships in place, we are expecting more than 100 million views in 2022.

Backing the AFA is backing football for the people – and the future.

At AFA, we are driven to succeed, grow the league, and reward our investors. We wouldn’t be doing this exciting league justice if we didn’t have HUGE ambition.

But for us, the AFA is about more than just money.

We are football for the people; with a handful of social causes that are close to our hearts. Everything we do is governed by the three P’s – People, Purpose, Performance.

As we grow, we will keep our values in focus:

Minority-Owned Teams

While major professional sports have traditionally favored male ownership and operation, the AFA is changing the landscape.

We are offering women and ethnic minorities the opportunity to own and operate teams alongside their male counterparts. This expansion of leadership talent will pave the way for a new generation of owners, players, coaches, front office staff, and officials.

Underserved Markets

Some cities have it all – others are left in the shadows. The AFA is changing this with the aim to place its franchises in underserved markets.

We will target smaller cities whose populations range from 200,000 to 2 million. Our goal is to bring teams to areas that haven’t been home to football on a professional scale.

Family-Friendly Viewing

Did you know that an average price of a ticket for an NFL game is now $104? But considering that the average fan has little chance of buying tickets at face value, the average price is actually closer to $391!

The AFA is committed to making its games affordable and family friendly. Ticket prices start at an average of $20, with teams offering discount packages for families and veterans.

Football for the Future

Our league is built on a world-class business model of operational excellence practices to drive league growth.

Every team must adhere to strict business operations principles, which will help ensure teams will be around for the next 50 to 100 years. These teams will be a driver of community pride, economic development, and job opportunities.

This is your opportunity to invest in a lucrative future. 

After a successful inaugural year and an even bigger second season, the future is set to be lucrative for the AFA. We are on course to do to football what UFC did for professional fighting, and the Indian Premier League did for cricket. These novel formats – now valued at $10 billion and $6.7 billion respectively – injected something new into a traditional sport. Fans love it.

And this is exactly what AFA does for football. 

The bulk of our revenue is generated through media rights, merchandise sales, concessions, and sponsors. In 2021, Mexican beer brand Modelo sponsored the league, with other big brands in the pipeline for upcoming seasons. 

We already have potential ownership groups in Louisiana, Columbia, South Carolina, and Southern Georgia. By 2023, we expect to have more than 10 franchises and five league sponsors, generating $18.4 million in revenue that will result in around $10.5 million in operating profit. 

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

By the end of 2023, we will be preparing for a listing on the NASDAQ. Fast forward to 2030 and we expect to see more than 100 teams in the league, leading to massive franchise fee growth. We aim to segment our teams into 8 conferences across the United States, bringing the AFA to the whole country.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Your investment is in the best hands.

This is an opportunity to participate in the upside of a rapidly growing major sports league, built upon the pillars of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The AFA is owned and operated by men, women, and ethnic minorities, who have the astute business knowledge required to succeed.

The organization was founded by African-American veteran entrepreneurs Douglas C. Freeman, Maximillian L. Hamilton, and Fredrick Smith. Together, they have more than 100 combined years of experience and have served as C-Suite advisors to the Fortune 1000.

With such business acumen and a passion for football, the AFA couldn’t be in better hands.

This is your one-time chance to get in on the ground floor before we grow!

After a booming first season, we are now raising $5 million to drive our ambitious plans into action. We are doing this via equity crowdfunding on Wefunder as we want to have an investor base as diverse as our boardroom, players, and fans.

If you are as passionate about football as you are about profit, then we invite you to invest in the AFA today.

We are thrilled to be able to give fans and future fans the opportunity to invest in a league that is set to shape the future of football.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

Top 8 reasons to invest in the AFA today:

  • Action-packed football format writes exciting new chapter for the sport
  • First season was a great success, with a second season starting in April 2022
  • Proven business model, sustainable until 2050 and beyond
  • First major sports league owned and operated by men, women and ethnic minorities
  • Projecting $18.4 million revenue by end of 2023 ($10.5 million operating profit)
  • AFA preparing for a listing on the NASDAQ in 2023
  • League will drive community pride, economic development, and job opportunities