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READY TO FILM; 200% Return; Early Bird gets 225%; Inspired by a TRUE LIFE Story

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A Tale of EVIL...More Chilling than Fiction...BECAUSE IT'S TRUE...a MURDER ordered by a DEATH ANGEL
DIRECTOR: Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary & Pet Sematary II with Stephen King); Writer: Chad Darnell
We own all Licensing Rights - THOMAS NELSON PUBLISHING & all Life Rights - Author Michael Leehan
The first 3 to 5 years of Development is DONE, this movie is READY TO FILM
Production Team: 150+ years experience; 100+ movies/series; Revenue history in the Billions

Our Team

Aqueduct Pictures Entertainment with a Purpose! Media like the tongue, is a powerful tool. It can hurt, wound, and damage, or it can help, heal, and inspire hope. We understand the importance of positive, inspiring messages which impact lives around the world. Aqueduct extends an opportunity for you to LEAVE A LEGACY that WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!



We greatly appreciate your time and consideration. Aqueduct Entertainment is producing a secular full-feature film, about the TRUE LIFE story of a 30 year, practicing Satanist, ordered to kill a pastor and was redeemed with 1 single decision, The Adversary.


Production By: Aqueduct Pictures, William McConnell, Executive Producer

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Projected Rating: R

The company holds ALL THEATRICAL AND LIFE RIGHTS for the production of the film.

The Adversary is a heart wrenching, mind blowing, psychological thriller, filled with action, drama, satanic and demonic connotations throughout. Hell-bent on killing the pastor of one of the larges churches in the nation, the satanic warrior plots a murder ordered by a DEATH ANGEL !!!

A war between good and evil, and the pastor’s own life may be lost while trying to save the man devoted to fulfilling satan’s murderous plot. This is a film inspired by the true-life story of the Satanist who was “ordered” to kill Craig Groeschel, lead pastor and founder of LifeChurch.TV, one of the most widely known pastors of this time


a TRUE LIFE story

see the book: Ascent From Darkness Author: Michael Leehan

Thank you for your time and attention, I greatly appreciate your consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Douglas A. Swim, Esq, 
Member Manager & Producer


  • Optioned licensing rights from Thomas Nelson Publishing, to Aqueduct Entertainment, LLC;
  • ​The Adversary Movie, LLC is created and domiciled in Georgia as the operational production entity for filming in Georgia;
  • Biographical research conducted via interviews with key witnesses to authenticate the details of Michael’s life as written in his book, Ascent From Darkness;
  • Development, pre-production, production, and post-production video to authenticate the details of Michael’s life (16 hours of interviews recorded);
  • Development, pre-production, production, and post-production video of Michael Leehan’s speaking engagements;
  • Aqueduct Entertainment, LLC Production Business plan completed;
  • Screenplay FINAL VERSION completed;
  • The Adversary Movie, LLC Production Budget completed ($6.5M);
  • Shooting schedule completed;
  • Director: Mary Lambert
  • Completed days out of days report for: cast members, special effects, sets, props, CGI, vehicles, sound, SFX, music, featured actors, background extras;
  • ​Initial communication with Special Ryder Music;
  • Initial communication with distributors domestic and foreign;
  • Proposing marketable actors for starring roles;
    • Proposed Michael: Chris Pratt; Tom Hiddleston; Michael Keaton
    • Proposed Verna: Kathy Bates; Lin Shaye
    • Proposed Pastor: Denzel Washington; Jon Voight
    • Proposed Shooting location: Georgia &/or Oklahoma.

    Bill McConnell – Member Manager; Executive Producer

    Bill has been involved in the motion picture and performing arts profession as a First Assistant Cameraman and a Producer for over forty years.
    Bill has worked on many box office successes, including Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, 2 Fast and 2 Furious, The Truman Show, Friday Night Lights, Steel Magnolias, and Cape Fear to mention a few.

    Bill’s production credits include serving as Executive Producer of Fixin’ 2 Rain, a 2006 original musical allegory presentation of the historical account of Noah and the Ark set in depression-era Appalachia. Bill produced over three hundred consecutive performances.

    In 1996, Bill was the Executive Producer and Director of One Voice, a dramatic musical for Easter. The production, which was eighteen months in the making, was the largest outdoor musical drama at the time in the State of Florida. As Executive Producer, Bill was responsible for the management of all aspects of the production, including all pre- and post-production procedures, casting, budget, administration, and publicity.

    Additionally, Bill and his co-producers received the prestigious Angel and Dove award for outstanding Christian media for their children’s video series titled, The Gospel According to St. Bernard. He was responsible for the budget, hiring the crew and delivering a completely edited package for the 2001 National Film Festival in Las Vegas.

    Aside from his work in the entertainment industry, Mr. McConnell owns B’COOLERS, a portable air conditioning and power generator company that services major film productions and television shows. B’COOLERS has serviced a plethora of productions throughout its twenty-five-year history, including films such as Marley and Me, The Help, 21 Jump Street, and Twilight Breaking Dawn and television shows such as The Glades, Necessary Roughness and Gracelandto name a few. B’COOLERS most recent projects include, Queen Sugar, NCIS: New Orleans, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger and Captain America.

    Douglas Swim – Member Manager; Producer; Senior Consultant Attorney

    As a driver of business strategies, which achieve sustainable revenues and minimize exposure to risk, Doug is recognized by many as a visionary leader who “makes a difference.” Focused on balancing attention to detail with elite analytical skills, Doug is able to negotiate and resolve matters associated with challenging business and legal related issues to satisfy stakeholders and exceed expectations. Along with his continued business holdings, Doug now also leads a production team within Aqueduct Pictures. As a producer, he is responsible for the legal and financial aspects of each film project.

    Mary Lambert – Director

    A long-time member of the DGA, Mary Lambert has carved out her place as a veteran of the film industry, especially renowned for the horror genre.

    Celebrated for her work on both the original 1989 Pet Sematary film and its sequel, Pet Sematary Two, she has continued terrifying audiences around the world in the years since with such pictures as Urban Legends: Bloody Mary and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

    Mary has also proven to be well-rounded as a director, creating films in other genres such as drama with Siesta, romance with Dragstrip Girl, comedy with Clubland, and documentary with 14 Women.

    On top of making movies, Mary has a large resume of TV episodes under her belt, directing for such acclaimed series as The Blacklist, Arrow, Tales from the Crypt, and an opening sequence for Saturday Night Live.

    She also has significant experience directing the official music videos of several famous artists such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, the Eurythmics, Mick Jagger, Whitney Huston, and Motley Crew.

    As a director who has earned such awards as the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival Audience Award and the Hawaii Ocean Film Festival Prize, Mary maintains a high degree of professionalism and dedication to her craft. She has a real appreciation of character work in all of her films, citing it as the driving force behind her desire to work on a Stephen King adaptation when approached about Pet Sematary.

    Her philosophy towards the works she has created can be summed up with the quote of hers, “I love it when you tell a story visually, with sub text instead of with text”.

    Ralph Winter – Consulting Producer

    As a member of both the Director’s Guild of America (DGA) and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Ralph Winter has been a giant in the film industry for over 40 years. From very early on in his career, he was the producer of several high-profile films, most notably in the Star Trekfranchise. He continued to help produce blockbusters such as I, Robotand Planet of the Apes on top of several Marvel movies including the first 4 X-Men films and the Fantastic Four series. After releasing the recent hit, Adrift, Ralph is currently working on a biopic called Reagan.

    Ralph is extremely experienced in television, starting his career there on shows like Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, and Laverne & Shirley. He continued his involvement in television by producing for High Incident and also highlighting his versatility by directing an episode for the show. More recently, he worked on the popular Netflix series Altered Carbon and on Hue 1968.

    Active in Christian filmmaking, Ralph has produced such supernatural thrillers as Three, Hangman’s Curse, The Visitation, and House.

    Mason Alley – Consulting Producer

    With 25 years in the entertainment industry, Mason Alley has a wide array of skills and knowledge in his repertoire. He has produced, written, and directed projects on many different scales and has worked with various communities outside of Hollywood to ensure their growth and increase their impact in their local setting.

    Mason has worked off-Broadway, in broadcast television, and at a major studio with an Academy Award winning co-writer telling great stories and changing lives. He has been intimately involved at all levels of production on several projects in these industries, utilizing his talents to breathe life into and bring a new perspective to the works he helps create.

    A man who fosters vision, strategy, communication, and healthy growth, Mason founded Resolute Management, LLC as a means to help leaders change the world. He has worked with community leaders in faith-based, non-profit, government, and business organizations to envision and implement strategies to help make the world we live in a better place. He describes his interest in this field as helping passionate people and the organizations they lead identify their “true north”, uncover their hidden talents, execute unbeatable strategies, and share their stories along the way.

    Elayne Schneiderman Schmidt – Line Producer

    A renowned line producer and production manager, Elayne’s forty-plus credits include such blockbuster films as I Am Number Four, Academy Award-nominated Ali, six-time Academy Award nominee Up In The Air, the Cameron Diaz/Shirley MacLane success In Her Shoes, the Rene Zellweger/Harry Connick Jr. romantic comedy New In Town, the Robin Williams smash hit and Academy Award-nominated The Birdcage, and most recently, Entourage, the film adaptation of HBO’s hit series, 2017 Academy Award best picture Moonlight, and Cannes Festival and Oscar short-lister The Florida Project with Willem Dafoe. Her television credits include Reno 911, CSI Miami, South Beach, and Miami Vice.

    While Elayne’s production services have been sought out by legendary filmmakers J. J. Abrams and Michael Bay, in 2011, Elayne decided to bring her considerable expertise to the independent film world and focus on projects in the $20-30 million range, with exceptional stories and potential for both film festival accolades and cross-over appeal for mainstream audiences. Elayne has broken barriers in the past few years with her creative producing for independent films such as Moonlight, Academy Award best picture winner 2017, and The Florida Project, receiving 17 major award nominations in 2018, using her skills to give these low budget films a competitive edge in the arena with much larger productions.

    Women in Film & TV Florida is proud to announce the winner of the 2019 Muse Award: Elayne Schneiderman Schmidt; The WIFT-FL Muse Award is dedicated to those who share and provide enjoyment of all entertainment art forms. Our selections are made by experts in their fields, and they come from all directions of Florida, with the common interest in improving the art form, raising the standards, and inspiring all those who have found themselves on this creative and rewarding path.

    Michael Leehan – Producer – Autobiographical Consultant

    The real-life inspiration for The Adversary is Michael Leehan and his 2011 autobiography, Ascent From Darkness, which has fueled the narrative for this compelling story. A California native, Michael currently resides in Oklahoma and works as an Evangelical minister at Solus Christus Ministries. Michael frequently hosts churches to tell his fascinating tale to audiences around the nation and to encourage others to learn from his spiritual missteps.

    Michael is acting as the autobiographical consultant for The Adversary, to ensure this ‘based by true events’ Film is as authentic, as necessary. He hopes his life and legacy will inspire others to find their unique path to righteousness, freedom, and inner peace.

    Buy the BOOK and see the QUOTES on Publisher Thomas Nelson's website.

    Fernando Rodriguez – Costume Designer

    Fernando Rodriguez is a Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist with a proven eye of success in delivering comprehensive imagery and styling solutions. Fernando holds an Associate’s Degree from Miami International University of Art and Design.

    Fernando is highly experienced across styling mediums throughout the film industry. He has experience in multimillion-dollar feature films, low budget/short films, music videos, commercials, and magazines. His work can be seen on Fox Television Studio’s, Graceland, season 1-3; Burn Notice, season 47-; HBO’s Ballers, Project; Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children; Oscar Award winning movie, Moonlight; and Golden Globe and Oscar nominated movie, Florida Project.

    Fernando has dedicated himself to the craft of costume design and character building for film, commercial advertising, and private professional clientele. In 2013, Fernando started his own styling company, JFerrod Inc. which provides creative direction to high profile clients on red carpet looks.

    He believes costume design is a means for communication of an idea through sight. Successful design takes the story, and the characters, and translates them through an artistic use of color, pattern, and material. His favorite quote comes from Colleen Atwood: “To design the costume understand the character”.

    Mary Vernieu – Casting Director

    Mary Vernieu is literally one of the most sought-after casting directors in Hollywood. She tops every “Most Powerful Casting Director” list out there with the list of her casting credits (over 200 titles to her name) being too extensive to list in their entirety here.

    Suffice to say that Mary, the casting person of choice for many of Hollywood’s best directors has done it all. Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, The Black Swan) and Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids franchise, Sin City) are reported to not make a film if she is not involved in the casting process. Her relationship with Oliver Stone spans the last decade and a half, beginning with Mary casting Nixon in 1995. Her credits include indies to major studio franchises and big budget blockbusters. She put Billy Bob Thornton in the now cult classic, Bad Santa and was instrumental in securing the cast of the award season and fan-favorite, Crazy Heart. She is discovered and launched the careers of many of today’s important actors and, in her “spare time”, she managed to open and successfully run Primitivo, one of the best restaurant/wine bars in Los Angeles.

    Casting can be a long and brutal process, so Mary likes to make her filmmakers as comfortable as possible. Other big films that Mary casted include, Freeway, All the Pretty Horses, Cruel Intentions, Requiem for a Dream, The Glass House, Training Day, Orange County, Scooby Doo, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, I Heart Huckabees, Barbershop, Dukes of Hazard, World Trade Center, and many more. Mary has also more recently casted for several films including The Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper, Julia Stiles and Robert DeNiro, as well as The Perks of Being a Wallflower starring Emma Watson, and Gimme Shelter, starring Venessa Hudgens and Brendan Fraser.

    Mary truly is legendary in her field and attributes her success to her genuine love for her work. Her resume speaks for itself. It is quite clear that her success is testament to her passion and supreme talent for casting the perfect actor for the part, time and again.

    Scott Clements, CAS – Production Sound Mixer

    With over nineteen years of professional experience and two Primetime Emmy nominations for Sound Mixing, Scott Clements is the ideal candidate for clear and flawless media sound. Throughout his impressive career, Scott has worked on a myriad of feature films, episodic, and commercials, with credits on renowned projects such as Dolphin Tale, Bachelor Party 2, The Last Lullaby, Seasons 1 and 2 of USA Network’s Graceland, and Seasons 1-7 of Burn Notice. In 2002, he founded his own sound mixing company, Brown Dog Sound, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida.

    Batou Chandler – Location Manager

    As someone who has been actively involved on multiple sets as Location Manager and AD, Batou Chandler has been an unwavering presence in the film industry for over 25 years. She is a member of the DGA who has worked on dozens of films and television shows.

    In this role, Batou is highly skilled in securing locations to be used in filming, organizing the logistics of production, and procuring all necessary government permits to allow work to continue. She has served in this capacity for several major films such as 12 Years a Slave, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and The Road. When it comes to television, she has brought her expertise into a variety of projects including True Detective, Roots, and Stuck in the Suburbs.

    Batou has a long history as an AD, starting over 20 years ago on The Big Easy. Other shows in her repertoire include Dawson’s Creek, Imagination Movers, and The Fugitive. Not just limited to television, she has helped as AD to bring such movies as Because of Winn-Dixie, Dracula 2000, and 2 Guns to life.

    Batou’s work on True Detective earned her an Outstanding Achievement Award in a Contemporary Television Series from the Location Manager’s Guild in 2015. She was also nominated for the same award the very next year for the film Our Brand Is Crisis.

    Samuel R. Teichelman, CPA – Accountant / Investor Liaison

    Sam is the Managing Partner at ForteStrategists, and a business financial optimization specialist. He brings a 10-year professional background in financial management and decision support; with a heavy focus in accounting, financial presentation, and directorship/stakeholder reporting that directly benefits The Adversary project. Sam has a B.S. in Accounting, a B.S. in Finance, and an M.S. in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas all Summa Cum Laude. When he is not working in a professional capacity, Sam serves as a pianist and Sunday school teacher for his local church, manages a small 50-acre Longhorn ranch, and is working on a reforestation and conservation project.

    Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.
    Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

    The Company

    AQUEDUCT ENTERTAINMENT, LLC is a Limited Liability Company filed in the State of Florida.

    Investment objective

    The Company has been created to enable its investors to participate in an entertainment investment opportunity. The company will finance, develop, produce, market, and distribute a theatrical motion picture titled “THE ADVERSARY”. The Company will generate revenue through the theatrical release of the Picture in the United States and foreign markets, the home video market, United States television, cable and/or pay television distribution of the Picture, network and foreign television distribution and other ancillary sources.

    Member Managers

    William McConnell and Douglas Swim are the Member Managers of the Company.

    The Offering

    The Company's offer is via Wefunder.

    Film Information

    Genre: Psychological Thriller/Horror

    Director: Mary Lambert

    Executive Producer: William McConnell

    Production Company: Aqueduct Entertainment, LLC

    Production Information

    The Executive Producer has budgeted for and prepared a forty-day filming schedule for the picture. The Executive Producer believes that a forty-day schedule is an average length of time to film a medium budget feature film. This schedule is significantly shorter than the several months filming schedule generally required in larger budget films. The Picture is anticipated to be filmed entirely in the State of Georgia to take advantage of tax credits/incentives, distribution deals and the Executive Production team’s connections and contacts in the industry.

    Target Audience

    It is anticipated that this film will appeal to a very broad audience. However, thriller and horror genres also reach difficult demographics. One prime example is scary films engage younger male audiences more than any other demographic. The young male – from teen to 35 – is often elusive for advertisers. Having that male sit in a theatre watching their favorite scary film and then re-watching the film over and over at home is a golden opportunity to influence and drive brand sales.