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Invest in AI Power Racing

We make it easier for people to break into AI and test their skills.

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A founding team with deep experience working in Machine Learning and autonomous vehicles.
We’ve built relationships and learned about the issues within education in the past 4 years.
We’re preparing America for an AI future by helping students become experts in autonomous vehicles.
$200B opportunity in E-learning
Over 100 users registered

Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO @ AP Racing
I previously worked at GM Cruise and Zoox, 2 of the world's leading autonomous vehicle companies, and built a research organization in which I led a team to develop an open-source autonomous car.
Skills pay the bills. We want students to be prepared for a high-tech future, but have fun doing it.
Sai Sanigepalli Co-Founder & Head of ML/Education
I'm an embedded systems engineer who's developed ML software for IoT research at the Berkeley Lab and built robots for schools to help automate their physical operations.

We make it easier for people to break into AI programming, all through their browser, and test their skills by racing autonomous cars.

The current approach to learning AI is fragmented: people use a combination of books, contrived training environments and a lot of online research is required just to get started.

To make it simpler, we use simulation and remotely-located cars that allow users to deploy AI software. And short video lessons for users to actually learn instead of blindly attempting to run random software. 

The AI industry will need support and teachers need creative ways to engage their students. 

We talked to a lot of companies in the autonomous vehicle industry, and we learned that there’s a significant amount of work to be done to advance AI, but not enough work is being done to ensure we have the talent pool to support it.

Teachers, especially now, are looking for ways to be creative in keeping their students’ attention and making sure they’re prepared for a high-tech future. 

AP Racing is an AI training platform designed for teachers and students to focus on learning, experimentation and competition.

We focus on training students from the ground up using fundamental teaching methods, simulations, and real-world environments. Simply put: Learn, Practice, and Race.

How it Works

Instead of spending days and weeks searching for material and lessons, users are presented with structured pathways of short video lessons and guides. These cover the fundamentals of autonomous cars, computer vision, and machine learning.

No complicated set up is needed as users get to practice right away in an autonomous car simulator. When they’re ready, they can remotely deploy software onto a physical car for more experimentation.

Users test their skills in a series of autonomous car racing in which users pit their AI-powered cars against each other for top spots on the leaderboard.


I've previously worked at Zoox and GM Cruise, 2 of the world's leading autonomous vehicle companies, and also have experience from building an autonomous vehicle research organization.  

Sai Sanigepalli developed ML algorithms for chemical-related IoT devices at the Berkeley Lab, built automation robots for South American companies, and has led computer science bootcamps for K-12 students.

We've both realized no one is doing anything meaningful about the lack of talent that will soon plague the industry and stall development in the near future.

A $200B Opportunity Around E-learning

We're pursuing a $200B market around e-learning starting with high schools and colleges.

Business model

Users sign up and use AP Racing for free. This will be supported by advertisements.

The premium version requires a monthly subscription to remove the ads, receive more learning support, and access exclusive content.

Making our platform free reduces initial user friction and allows us to focus on providing the best experience for them. We plan to scale through partnerships with computer science programs and learning organizations.

What's next

Students are just the beginning for us. There are millions of them, professionals, and general enthusiasts eager to learn AI.

Based on feedback from users, our next step is to gamify the web platform and simulator. As we grow, it will benefit everyone as it’s our goal to cover what AI has to offer and fill the skills gap.

Join us on our mission to make AI fun to learn so people can acquire their superpower. Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not so we've stepped in to provide it.