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Invest in AI Power Racing

A web platform where students come to learn AI, but stay to race autonomous cars

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Founding team of experts in autonomous vehicles, AI, and education.
We're educating the next billion people in AI and computer science.
200+ users already registered.
User acquisition cost less than $2 per user.
Partnering with local learning programs and computer science teachers to fuel growth.

Our Founder

Founder & CEO @ AI Power Racing
Product designer, e-comm marketer, supply chain management. Built an autonomous car research org for college students while at Rutgers University. Worked in YC startups, ZOOX (acq. by Amazon) and GM Cruise.
I started AI Power Racing to not only prepare the next billion students for a high-tech future, but to also show them the massive bag of opportunities is there for the taking.

Learn AI programming, race autonomous cars with your friends online.

Current education platforms are not prepared to teach AI to the next billion people. And the current approach to learning AI is fragmented: books, janky training environments and tons of online research.

Existing platforms can’t keep students engaged.

Our solution to this problem

A web platform where students come to learn AI, but stay engaged because they can race autonomous cars online.

1. Learn content developed by industry professionals. 

2. Practice online with an autonomous car simulator.

3. Compete  and connect with friends through online autonomous vehicle competitions.

Validation: what we've learned so far

  • 200+ users signed up.
  • User acquisition cost is less than $2/user.
  • Users are super excited about the idea of online AI-car racing and challenges.

Market Size

What’s important to understand is there are over 35 million high school and college students in the US alone. They spend a ton of time on the internet looking for alternatives.

Customer acquisition channels

Business Model

Monthly subscription for individuals and teams.  We're focused on talking directly to students and parents and know how to approach both groups.

1. Individual - $10/month ($120/year)

2. Team - $35/month ($420/year)

What the competition is doing wrong

Our Advantages

1. Community: Like-minded peers talking and competing with each other.

2. Easy to participate: No prior experience needed. All you need is a browser with internet connection.

3. Distribution: Viral effect of users sharing content from our platform. 


Akin is the founder and has been involved in education since 2015. His background is in product design, e-commerce marketing, and supply chain management. 

He built an autonomous car research org for college students while at Rutgers University that grew to 700 students. This led to his experience working in YC startups, ZOOX (acq. by Amazon) and GM Cruise. 

What we need to accomplish our goals

We need 12 months financing to meet our goals of growing the team and reach $2M ARR. Specifically:

1. Engineers - to expand the online simulator and make it compatible for ChromeBook. This is key because a majority of student use these in schools!

2. Education - teachers and industry professionals are needed to produce learning content.

3. Marketing - we know what levers to take advantage of with social media. This is important for our marketing flywheel.