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Anthony's Cookies

We are a 22 year old gourmet cookie company based in San Francisco

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Anthony's Cookies - Mission - San Francisco, CA
September 18, 2019
1652 reviews of Anthony's Cookies "I am full on addicted to Anthony's. I was going a few times a week and now my husband has instituted a once every two week maximum. I live just two blocks it is really easy for me to go to this local...
13 Best Cookies in SF (By Neighborhood) - SFist News, Food, & More
March 25, 2019
San Francisco has countless bakeries putting out some of the world's top cookies, cakes, and breads. We taste-tested SF's best cookies by neighborhood, ensuring that there's no way that you fit into your favorite swimsuit this foggy and cold Bay Area summer.
Talented black bakers taste sweet success in East Bay
December 10, 2018
Anthony Lucas, proprietor of Anthony's Cookies, strolled through the kitchen of his new Berkeley production center, a cavernous 4,000-square-foot facility meticulously lined with industrial mixers, ovens and enough refrigeration space to last him a lifetime. "I knew one day that I'd need a space like this," Lucas said.
Anthony's Cookies now baking in Berkeley
August 28, 2017
Anthony Lucas, who's been baking cookies in San Francisco since 1997, finally has opened a second location - and it's in the East Bay. Anthony's Cookies is now baking seven-plus varieties daily in Berkeley: cinnamon spice, classic chocolate chip, gluten-free chocolate chip, toffee chip, white chocolate chip, whole-wheat oatmeal raisin and his ultra-popular cookies & cream.
Crispety, Crunchety, Ooey, Gooey, Chewy: My Search for a Better Bay Area Cookie
August 21, 2017
As with any such testimonial, I must first admit: I'm a cookie-holic. I know I have a problem. Put a cookie in front of me and glance away. Turn back to see me, mouth full with a "what cookie? I didn't see any cookie..." look on my face. Crunch. Chew.
Craving: Anthony's Cookies meet all the criteria
August 22, 2014
For me, the ideal cookie has a texture that's crisp and slightly caramelized on the outside, with a chewy, yet not raw, interior. Just a few simple ingredients, including morsels of buttery toffee, in Anthony Lucas' skilled hands result in nothing short of culinary alchemy.
Anthony Lucas: "Anthony's Cookies" | Chefs at Google
December 6, 2011
Anthony Lucas from Anthony's Cookies in San Francisco gives a talk at Google through their [email protected] series. Anthony's Cookies is one of the most popular cookie bakeries in San Francisco and is constantly featured as one of San Francisco's best eats by 7x7SF.
A Baker's Dozen: The 12 Best Cookies in San Francisco
May 20, 2011
7x7 sent out a simple tweet on Tuesday about cookies and things got heated up pretty quickly. The baked-fresh-daily Specialty's cookie quickly rose to the top as a crowd favorite. Not surprising, since the California chain has six bakeries in the Financial District and a Cookie Radar-making their wa...
Accounting major adds it up: Anthony's Cookies
December 7, 2009
In a city that takes all things culinary to the next level, Anthony Lucas, 32, is going back to the most basic of basics - perfecting a classic "milk and cookie" experience. Lucas began shilling his cookies and cream, cinnamon sugar, banana walnut and other specialty cookies from his car starting in 1997, while a student at San Francisco State University.
Anthony's Cookies: Catering To The Kid In Us All
June 16, 2009
Yesterday, my son, Silas, and I were walking home from his summer camp in the Mission District, and passed by Anthony's Cookies on Valencia Street-the simple, all-cookie bakery that opened a few months back and has since been quietly gaining a mini cult following for its very old-fashioned, no-frill...
Anthony's Cookies Owner Smells Success on Valencia - May 11, 2009 - SF Weekly
May 11, 2009
French macaroons may be killing on the dinner-party circuit, but at the sleepy end of Valencia, Anthony Lucas is baking squashed-looking drop cookies for stoners and church ladies. His shop has been open a little more than a month. Yesterday, as a line snaked through the space (a former acupuncture joint) Lucas was struggling to ...
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