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Invest in ANEW Energy Inc.

Wind power for the world. Plugin and power up your solar with wind energy.


50-year service life, wildlife-friendly, plug and power up any solar array.
The production line is chartered to deliver 12,000 - 1.5KW turbines/week. 50Wh/turbine = 442GWh/year
Engineered to satisfy all US Federal government regulations with mass-scale production in mind.
Generates power at sub 3MPH wind speeds, while capable of withstanding hurricane forces.

Our Team

Small commercial grade wind energy power generation markets are being over overlooked. When we satisfy the Department of Energy regulatory requirements, the US Government is our largest potential customer. The DOE will hold us accountable for building the highest quality products. All of our other customers will get military-grade solutions.


ANEW Energy is a group of manufacturing professionals with decades of knowledge in building IoT products.  This project is being developed for a pilot line to deliver 1,000 units/week. 

When the sun goes down solar stops making power, yet the wind blows day and night. Plug In & Power Up - We Sync with AC/DC grids regardless of the voltage

Bird-friendly wind turbines plug directly into a solar array regardless of voltage.
What we learned from years of focus groups.
Here is why our power generation is the very best it can be.

We are working to sell to the US Federal Government in order to grow bigger. 

Solar arrays are low-hanging fruit with large-scale applications,
eScout is our mobile app that is used to bring all stakeholders together.
Who says renewable energy has to be boring?
Cashflow for 24 months with a $30M EBITDA once-in-light production at 1,000 units/week.
What you are investing in and how do you get your money out.

The market spoke and we listened.  Below is the plan.   

Project Technical Details (see below)

ANEW Energy Inc. is headquartered in Colorado USA, this shovel-ready, highly automated pilot line, is being built to deliver 1,000 1.5KW VAWT units/week. We refer to this milestone as Phase II. This vertical axis wildlife-friendly wind turbine is 2M (6’6”) tall and weighs less than 120 kg - (265 lbs). The system has onboard magnetic braking, along with the ability to make power at sub <2.5 kn - ( 3 mph) wind speeds. Inside this hurricane-rated superstructure are; up to (2) innovative power generation sources. These generators are novel by design because they can sync with any DC solar power grid regardless of the voltage, thus eliminating expensive downstream DC: DC optimization circuits. The generator has onboard power switching to sync with both 50Hz and 60Hz, international and domestic power grid frequencies. We are capable of delivering 110 VAC power and up to 480VAC 3-phase power without any supporting transformers. The embedded electronics are constructed with onboard sensors and long-range networking capabilities. These electronics can be easily updated and calibrated or replaced in the field at the top of the apparatus. The IoT electronics side of the system measures and monitors the following attributes; Volts, Amps, Watts, Wind Speed, Temp, Humidity, CO2, NOX, CH4. The equipment provides visual LED light bar signals to help service providers locate devices at the site when a service event is due. This low-power lighting doubles as a street light that can illuminate venues when mounted on a 3-meter tall accessory pole.

This wind generator is constructed using earth-abundant materials, whereas 64% of the product is made using stainless steel that we purchase here in the USA. Steel uses 1/3rd the amount of energy/kilo than Aluminum and eliminates any post-process chemical coatings. 3M, Kuka Robots, Cleveland-Cliffs Steel, DMC, and Makino, are a few strategic manufacturing partners located here in the USA that is providing labor and expertise to bring the pilot line forward. Several of these vendors will pay for multi-million dollar component lines that they will install and operate at our factory. Markets include; urban and rural solar gardens, building rooftops, residential, businesses, data centers, maritime ports, and ships along with rail, highway, and airport corridors. This product is manufactured 98% in the USA resulting in the lowest carbon footprint for these products. Several semiconductor sensors are imported, yet assembled in the USA. Light component fabrication and sub-assembly work and validation testing will be set up with local cottage shop businesses that are within 1,000 miles of the factory.

The $25M loan that we would like the DOE to provide with will have a reasonable prospect of repayment within 12 months from when the products get released for production. In order to sell to most federal agencies where the DOE has oversight, we will execute and deploy the following standards; International Wind Standards IEC 61400-2, ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems, Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001) Water Efficiency Management Systems (ISO 46001), Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001), Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), ESG, Sarbanes Oxley, UL and CE certifications. The DOE needs to hold our company to the highest level of accountability. We need to satisfy the need for data collection to confirm that these products are providing the highest ROI on your investment. The eScout portal is designed to provide a global view of a matrix of wind turbines across all or specific federal agencies or regions. Once the product regulations are complete and the product has been validated to survive a 50-year service life through our destructive testing, we can release the ANEW-B1 1.5KW VAWT to the US Federal government. We are working with a large national solar distributor on a master distributorship agreement that is intended to stock products, services, and installation kits around the country needed to support the USA Federal Government.

Once we satisfy the DOE regulations beyond UL/CE, we can sell products to most Federal Agencies. 

In parallel, we are working to secure another $25M from domestic private investors in order to provide a backstop to servicing the DOE loan. This additional capital will help our company to expand at a faster rate while supporting the 120-day payment terms that the federal government mandates. We have calculated product profitability from the pilot line volumes at <$1,600 COGS with a $1,400 profit per unit. With a $75M EBITDA, we believe we can pay back the $25M DOE loan in a matter of 12 months. Once we pay back the DOE, we will have the revenue needed to service large-scale financing through the NYSE and London ESG Bond Markets. Once ESG certification is completed and the large factory COGS are understood during Phase II, will secure capital to build the 13,000 units/week production line. The total potential power generation for the Phase II pilot line calculated using very low wind speeds or 5% of the 1.5kWh/unit total output capacity is (.05% X 1,500) = 75Wh/unit. This means we can add (12.6 kWh X 1,000 units/week)x52 weeks or 655MWh of wind power per week from our small pilot line. This equates to 34 GWh of clean energy added to the market per year. The larger production line with 13,000/week mass scale production will add 442GWh of sustainable energy per year.

Mobile devices are being used to train the workforce in their native language. This rich set of digital knowledge arrives in measured modules. These technologies will be delivered to both the installer and the customer using our mobile eScout training and certification tool. Refresher courses and quizzes not only ensure that the stakeholder has the very best tribal knowledge while improving all stakeholder's chances for success through a collaborative LMS (Learning Management System). We are delivering this solution with the hardware in both English and Spanish. The customer and installer portal provides product performance metrics while holding ANEW Energy accountable for our performance claims using device IoT data collection. The customer can see their power being generated from the birth of the machine able to provide and the countdown clock on the ROI payback timeline on your investment.

In order to deliver thousands of upstream and downstream sustainable jobs across the country at multiple factories, we must complete ASBUILT documentation for all manufacturing processes. A large portion of the capital used in the Phase II pilot line will be put to work human proofing processes for all stakeholders. Once complete, we can copy the factory with the highest chance of success. We believe we can take anyone with or without a GED education and make them productive members of this new sustainable economy, regardless of their economic conditions. Immediate opportunities exist to upgrade existing solar arrays with wind power for disadvantaged communities. Our company has committed to bringing sustainable jobs to African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities. We are engaged with the NAACP, The Latino Caucus, The Colorado DOLA, and our trade school efforts within the Navajo Technical University in Crown Point New Mexico. In the past 5 years, we have put many local high school students through our apprenticeship programs. Several are listed on our patents. It is expected to take a total of 3.5 man-days to install (1) wind turbine. The 1,000 wind turbines/week pilot line that the DOE will fund, will support 700 local labor, logistics, and management jobs. The long-term large 13,000/week production line will support 9,000 upstream and downstream sustainable jobs. When we automated the production line, we can create a significant impact on local jobs that do not require a college degree. These renewable energy trades are the future jobs for America in this decade and in decades to come.

Graham Gunderson - Power Generation Guru