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Invest in Amnion Life LLC

Amniobed, a Ground-Breaking Medical Device to Save Preterm Infants Lives

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Luke and Ali interviewed Amnion Life LLC on May 23, 2020. Play Video
Luke Iseman
Founder of boxouse, growerbot, Soil IQ, Dirtnail, and more. Former Director of Hardware at Y Combinator.
Ali Ahmed
Co-founder and CEO of Robomart
says, "Impressive founder with a clear, compelling vision of how to improve outcomes for prematurely-born children."
says, "Strong IP, chance to monopolize the incubator market."
says, "Adding more clarity about how Amnion Life will take the fastest, most cost-efficient path to market would be helpful. It’s intimidating to hear about multiple medical products clearing different jurisdictions’ rules; making it clear you’ve got one product in one place you’ll focus on would be helpful."
says, "Very long lead times, regulatory approvals required, may be a better approach to license the tech/design to manufacturing companies rather than building the full stack business."

What Investors Say

General Manager at Start Fresh (early-stage investment fund) and President of Envision Foods
Invested $25,000 this round
I am a past board member of March of Dimes and familiar with the unfortunately high rate of death and long term injury in babies who were born prematurely. The infant incubator and radiant warmer technology used today for preterm infants are outdated and insufficient. In the first hour of life otherwise known as the golden hour, preterm infants are at significant risk, particularly the risk of hypothermia. Preterm infants have very little fat on their skin and can dehydrate quickly. They have very poor insulation against heat loss and can lose body heat very quickly.  A drop in the core temperature of humans is associated with significant stress on the body and in preterm infants is associated with brain hemorrhages, sepsis, and death.                                                                                      We can do far better by placing the preterm infant in warm fluid incubators, thus eliminating environmental heat loss and water loss leading to hypothermia in these infants. Dr. Fassihi's dream may seem like science fiction and is certainly "thinking outside the box" intended to solve this a significant problem in preterm infants. Dr. Fassihi has done an unbelievable job bringing the project along and now the project is very close to coming to life. Once approved by the FDA and other regulatory bodies across the world, this invention can save thousands or hundreds of thousands of babies from dying and just as importantly, prevent further complications that can harm a child for the long term and limit a child’s potential in life. I also believe that once Amniobed gains FDA and regulatory body approvals and is commercialized, we as investors can be financially rewarded for believing in this invention and Dr. Fassihi’s vision. No one has come close to thinking or inventing an incubator like the Amnionbed.                                                                                                I believe if you invest in a start-up, you need to first believe in what it is all about. I truly believe Amniobed will save many human lives. Secondly, you need to trust and believe in the individual who leads the project and aims to bring the vision to life. And that I strongly do. Dr. Fassihi dreamt of this Incubator and has spent the last 4 years bringing it to life. He has been incredibly diligent in seeing the project through to this point, building a company, team, R&D facility, and the prototype while managing the financials fantastically. He has received many recognitions and awards thus far... and he's not done yet. What is also incredible about Dr. Fassihi is that he feels very strongly about his investors, and always very appreciative of the trust and support that has been extended to him and Amnion Life.  I am very happy to be part of this incredible journey to see a revolution in the incubator’s technology and science. I have very high hopes for the future of this company as we save preterm babies and make money doing so!   

In the news

Amnion Life Wins Gold at Cleveland Clinic 2019 Medical Innovation Summit | BioSpace
May 4, 2020
CLEVELAND, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Amnion Life, a neonatal medical device company in pursuit of novel ways to decrease mortality and complications in preterm infants has won the Gold Award at this week's Cleveland Clinic AMP'D Arena 2019 Medical Innovation Summit.
May 4, 2020
After using general purpose systems and ad-hoc processes, Amnion Life switched to Greenlight Guru to streamline their quality management system. This partnership with Greenlight Guru has allowed them to better understand the quality and regulatory environment within the medical device industry.
Rocket Dollar, Top Three Picks Include Amnion Life - Amnion Life
February 27, 2019
February 27th, 2019 Rocket Dollar - is a company who assists individuals with tax advantaged investments mentions Amnion Life in a recent article.... Check out these top deals of the month from , equity crowdfunding's #1 rating service.
Amnion Life was chosen as a finalist in the UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium competition. - Amnion Life
February 16, 2019
We're excited to announce the 13 finalists who will pitch at our Shark Tank pitch competition on March 29, 2019. We received a total of 73 applications from start-ups, clinicians, and researchers from 15 states across the U.S. Thank you for your commitment to innovating for children's health!
KingsCrowd Initiates a Top Deal Rating on Amnion Life - An Innovative NICU Medical Device Company - Amnion Life
February 14, 2019
Boston-based KingsCrowd, a leading independent, third-party equity crowdfunding research and rating service has named Amnion Life - a revolutionary NICU medical device company, as it's latest " Top Deal". Amnion Life is currently raising approximately $1 million of it's $4 million Series A funding round through a public investment opportunity that can be found at
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