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A mental wellness-focused live streaming service for all types of creators

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A Public Benefit corporation dedicated to making content creation a more mentally healthy industry.
Focused on the safety and well-being of our creators and their communities.
Filipino-founded, with a diverse founding team.
Run by a team that has lived through the explosion of the streaming industry over the last 10 years.
$210k founder investment. $12k raised through lightly-advertised crowdfunding.

Our Team

Streaming is currently an anxiety-ridden struggle. I lived that life for 6 years and it tested my mental health constantly. The connections and bonds that form within a creator's community are strong and lasting. That's growth that should be fostered, and growth that should be kept safe from bad actors.

We are Altair.

Our Founding Team

The Problem

Our Mission

Our Tenets

Our Market Strategy

Our Revenue Strategy

Our Development Model

Our Timeline

(The above timeline is a projection and cannot be guaranteed.)

Our Future

We're extremely excited for the future if and when we see it. The first few seasons as you've seen above are going to be spent implementing what we call the "table stakes," or the pieces of the product that people expect to be there: high-quality video, high-quality chat, and a new user experience that still feels at home.

From there we get to experiment with a lot of the ideas that we've had in our back pocket. Without giving too much away, here are some of our musings:

  • (As seen above, ) Providing a robust, first-class moderation experience that gives a creator's moderators the power of a professional help desk, making it easier to manage a community as a team.
  • Artists that do work for streamers currently don't really fit in existing art communities. There's no connection from the work they're tweeting out to where it's being put to use. Attribution of emotes is only the start of how we can turn an artist's profile into a portfolio of sorts.
  • Viewers should be able to take control of their browsing experience. Providing settings without plugins is something we're really excited to play with.
  • We're excited to work with developers of streaming overlays and bots to give them the best-in-class developer experience they expect, and develop a relationship with them that's cooperative, not adversarial.

Of course, future features aren't the only things we're excited about.

At the end of the day, we want to push the needle on the streaming industry as far as we possibly can. We want to see a future where we're able to sustain ourselves off of the Altair Membership and give most (if not all) of a creator's revenue to the creator. Every creator we can help discover what streaming can be like without the tie to their self-worth is a win for us, whether or not they end up staying on our platform. 

We're here for them, and we hope you'll support us in supporting them.

From all of us at Team Altair: thank you for your time, and for believing in us.