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Invest in Airbrij Technology Inc.

The fast, easy and affordable bridge across the Digital Divide


Clear Need: Mobile internet gap of over 800M user by 2025 due to low ROI in fringe areas of coverage
Cost-Effective: Patent-pending Airbrij Network fills this gap at ~5% of the cost of current methods
Affordable: Enables lower-cost telco service offerings in areas of low economic development
Opportunity: Opens up new markets and revenue growth for wireless telecom providers
Global Impact: Provides value in both developed and developing countries
Powerful Social Impact: Delivers the ability to advance NGO Goals achieving 8 UN SDG's
Strong Team: Executives with over 30 years of global telecom and software experience
Financial Opportunity: Cash-flow positive within 4 quarters of commercial launch & 5M users by 2025

Our Team

When we saw that at the end of 2025, the GSMA predicted an 800 million user gap between cellular telephone users and users with access to the internet via those mobiles made us think about how we could close that gap using our telecommunications and software expertise and global business experience. That resulted in the development of Airbrij.


Hundreds of millions of people lack access to data services simply because there is no return on investment for telecom companies. Without data, there are no digital services that people in more developed areas of the world take for granted. Today, that problem ends!


The Airbrij Network delivers reliable internet and digital services access at approximately 5% of the cost of deploying cellular, microwave, or satellite data services. Our proprietary software instantly creates a robust WiFi mesh network in any town, village, campus, or building, enabling mobile and fixed devices to access internet data and services. This network is connected via reliable, optimized, and fault-tolerant cellular data connections to the existing cellular network, effectively expanding the reach and area coverage of the current network up to 7 times. Most importantly, it immediately creates new and sustainable revenue streams for its operator.

Although the details on how we do this is a trade secret, the diagrams below provide a high-level view of the Airbrij Extended Network and Airbrij Mesh Network. Our cloud platform interacts with and enables multiple modems to work together, creating a reliable and fast bi-directional, multiplexed backhaul connection between the cellular network and the Airbrij WiFi Network in any location. The data modems automatically mesh with each other across a private VLAN, sharing edge services and optimizing communications with the cellular network. The mobile application in the end user's device provides access, security, and visibility to the utilization of the Airbrij Network while also acting and a portal for value-added service from our partners. In challenging areas, the Airbrij Network supports connectivity to commercially available Network Available Storage ("NAS") devices to cache and store high-definition content for local consumption.

The Airbrij Network Cloud Service delivers the ability to manage individual access and service consumption down to the individual end-user. Real-time subscription and billing management enable creating unique service plans tailored to people with less income, making internet access affordable to everyone. Our platform includes OAuth-2 integration support, robust user management, and security and is fully GDPR compliant to protect our customers' data and privacy. 

Airbrij is partnering with leading manufacturers of cellular data modems around the world. This partnership, combined with our team's years of expertise in software development for mobile & telecom applications, will give us the edge needed to create an innovative and patent-pending solution. Our solution for both home and business will further extend the cellular network range while improving the quality of the data and services delivered via an end-to-end closed system. For the end-user, this results in a proper plug-and-play device.


The Airbrij Network and its partners address 8 UN Sustainable Development Goals while remaining fully auditable, tracking the exact impact made. The Airbrij Network enables:

Home and Community Networks
Expanding the range and quality of connectivity in rural communities enabling more digital services while being able to provide developed markets with IoT managed services over wireless broadband

Medical Infrastructure

Enhance availability & quality of medical care by expanding the reach of medical service providers into rural areas

Education Infrastructure

Improve the quality and length of schooling by providing high quality, classroom, and individual educational content

Financial Inclusion

Providing easy and equal access to financial institutions & forms of digital payments

Village Entreprenuers

Extending enterprise networking through secure, centrally managed connections while increasing payment methods, opening new markets, and expanding economic opportunity in underdeveloped areas

Government Infrastructure

Providing the Government with the means to communicate critical information to their citizens through universal connectivity


The Airbrij Network supports the delivery of any approved OAuth-2 3rd-party digital service.


The Airbrij Network works both in developing and developed countries. We are starting by targeting those most in need in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the United States. By partnering with established local businesses and telecoms, we will scale out the Airbrij Network to cover millions of people within three years. This timeline allows us to easily outpace any other available internet technology, including satellite, on both the effectiveness and affordability fronts.


The biggest question we get asked is, "What about LEO Satellite." Almost every day, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos talks about the global availability of the internet through satellites. This technology is coming but not as fast nor as affordable as they would like you to think. Starlink, Musk's company, is conducting trials in specific areas of the world but will not have enough satellites in orbit to enable rural coverage until 2028 or beyond. Amazon's FCC filings have them out until 2030. Both are very capital-intensive initiatives and are not expected to hit the 'affordable' level for many years after that. This is the opportunity gap that the Airbrij Network fills.


Technology Agnostic
The Airbrij OS can run any compatible 4G/5G cellular data modem

Data Management Innovation

Our patent-pending data management platform and edge services deliver superior performance at a very affordable price

Plug and Play

All hardware and software is auto-configured and managed by our cloud platform so it can be easily installed and used

Easily Scalable

By building our software to run on compatible best-of-breed network hardware we can focus on software and service innovation and growth

The Airbrij Network enables the creation of robust network coverage in remote areas at ~5% of the cost of the deployment of cellular, microwave, or satellite.


The ability to provide affordable, reliable, and quality connectivity to previously unconnected parts of the world has a massive impact on the global economy. Connecting these previously unconnected consumers to the internet represents a massive opportunity for numerous industries to tap into a market that was previously inaccessible. The opportunity to attract an entirely new consumer base provides a significant incentive to turn many of these industries into our sales partners. 


Airbrij generates revenue through our channel partners via a diverse mix of one-time and recurring revenue that helps mitigates risk.

One-Time Revenue

Firmware License Fee

Recurring Revenue

Platform Service Fee

Airbrij Monthly Service Fee

Network Operator Revenue Share

Revenue share of 3rd-party service fees


We started the company in December of 2020 with $500,000 in seed funding. That enabled us to build a well-respected global team of telecom, software & social impact leaders. This team delivered a working prototype in April 2021 complete with integrations in the telecare & educational space and are making progress on further integrations with other content partners.

We are in the advanced stages of channel development with both a large global telecom as well as a local Kenyan-based power company with pilots starting in July.

Based upon market opportunity & our distribution network, we expect to be cashflow positive within 4 quarters of a full commercial launch in October 2021 reaching over 5 million users and revenues over $175M by end of 2025.