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Invest in Aeroponics Integrated Systems -AeroBloom

Aeroponics cultivation system: Huge crop yield boost (2-4x), 60-90% less water

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We have impressive market potential in Cannabis and CEA food production sectors due to yields of 2-4x vs hydroponics
Farmers can recoup the system cost from their 1st harvest (cannabis), then harvest every two months
The joint venture between AeroBloom & Petro Control Systems to produce advanced AI & robotics CEA technology
In strategic partnership discussions with a major solar company to provide solar arrays to power our systems
Patent-pending aeroponics technology 30 years in development creates the highest-yielding aeroponic system on the market
Our competitors have been very successful selling far inferior "sprinkler-head-in-a-box" systems
Large cultivation projects in negotiation in the US and Mexico
Your investment in AIS/AeroBloom supports reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture

Our Team

Our Founder, Dale Devore's work supports food security because climate change is creating an increasing need for solutions. He has dedicated 30 years of his life to privately developing and refining innovative reliable aeroponic cultivation technology, which we believe is imperative to continued human life on Earth.


World population is expected to grow by 30% over the next 30 years. That means that the world will have to somehow significantly increase its food production in order to feed all these people at the same time that climate change is making it increasingly difficult to grow food with traditional methods.

Meanwhile, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( estimates that each year the world loses 10 million hectares of land through soil erosion and depletion, plus an additional 10 million hectares of land through the inability to irrigate partly due to drought conditions.

The prospect of world famine grows each year because of urbanization, poor water management, and poor soil conditions. Sub-Saharan Africa is most often associated with food cultivation conditions that lead to famine, but the United States, Australia, and Asia are rapidly approaching similar conditions.

Climate change is considered a major culprit and world organizations are targeting ways to potentially control the effects of climate on food production. Because of this, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is currently a major area of innovation. Most hydroponic and all known aeroponic competitors are trying to capitalize on a method known as vertical farming (multi-level stacks of trays and lights) in warehouse environments. They claim it's the solution to food security issues since it can be used to grow crops in urban areas and is resistant to climate conditions.

Food has historically been exported from distant agricultural regions to keep a variety of produce available in grocery stores year round. The real issues  threatening food security are harsh environments and droughts caused by climate change in addition to depleted soil. Fertile agricultural land has been stripped of nutrients vital for plant growth due to intensive and unsustainable farming practiced over the last two centuries.

Field irrigation systems are a major waste of scarce water resources.

As a leading innovator in aeroponic cultivation, AeroBloom may have the answer. The company was founded in 2018 by Dale Devore and Darren Walz . Devore dedicated the past 30 years of his life to developing aeroponic cultivation systems, refining each version to maximize crop yields and efficiency.

In the late 1980s, our founder, Dale Devore, a former music concert pianist, developed a medical condition that would make touring with bands impossible, so he set out to cure himself by eliminating toxins in his food and finding ways to support himself through his efforts toward that goal. In 1988 he created his first aeroponic grow system. He was amazed by the results and started developing his own systems. In 1999 he compared notes with Richard Stoner of NASA's aeroponics research, the recognized father of aeroponic cultivation technology. 

During the next four years, Devore compared ideas and notes with Stoner. Devore applied their discussions to the growing of cannabis. At the end of those four years, Stoner told Devore that he was becoming his competition. Devore replied that he didn't intend to ever go to market with his systems sine he was primarily using his developments to grow cannabis at the time. Still, Stoner stopped communicating with Dale after that phone call.

Devore relentlessly refined his original aeroponic system into at least 50 variations until he came up with an aeroponic cultivation system that reliably produces at least 4 pounds of dry trimmed premium bud per light (4’x4’). This compares to what the industry considers to be outstanding commercial production of 2 pounds to 2.5 pounds of bud per 4'x4'. 

When Dale started his R&D, barely anyone was talking about sustainable farming. While developing the system, he also produced heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple variety). He produced 80 pounds of top-quality tomatoes per plant with aeroponic cultivation, compared to 20lbs of commercial tomatoes normally expected in the same area under standard field cultivation.

AeroBloom Technology

AeroBloom answers the questions left unaddressed by the competition, and we believe it outperforms all other cultivation systems on the market today. 

This picture shows cannabis plants after 28 days in the flower stage in our system. That is unusually fast growth compared to every other system that we know of.

There is investment money to fund specific AeroBloom projects, but to fully prepare the company to go global with its technology, funds are needed for legal work, marketing, personnel, and manufacturing. This Wefunder raise will help fund the demonstratt, and sell our system to end-users such as cannabis growers and traditional farmers. Devore and Walz have found that potential investors currently are more interested in funding the growing and selling of cannabis than they are in developing an aeroponic system to grow tomatoes. For that reason, they decided to open the first of what will be a series of grow facilities and dispensaries under a separate company, AeroSynergy, to help fund AeroBloom's commercial launch through paying license fees for the system, serving as a showroom for the technology, and potentially serving as a dealership for the system. Their fully licensed Long Beach, California cannabis cultivation facility is set to launch in the Autumn of 2021 and will double as a showroom for the AeroBloom system. It is expected to throw off at least $3 million in EBITDA in its first 18-months of operations in the 3300 square foot facility. They expect as much as $6 million in EBITDA annually after the build-out is complete.

The licensing of the AeroBloom system by AeroSynergy is expected to produce fee revenue of approximately $600,000 annually for AeroBloom from the Long Beach facility and even more, as larger cultivation facilities are opened. That is in addition to whatever system sales are booked through the showroom. These are forward-looking projections and are not guaranteed.

Thank you for your interest in AeroBloom. We hope you will decide to invest in our Wefunder raise so together we can grab the first-mover market share for this new sustainable agriculture technology. We are ready!


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Date: June 21, 2021


Aeroponics Integrated Systems, Inc. dba AeroBloom - Aeroponics Integrated Systems dba AeroBloom is an AGtech company that developed high-yielding and efficient aeroponic cultivation systems. AeroBloom will grow food crops commercially using its proprietary agriculture technology to solve the global food security issues caused by climate change.