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We get venues back on their feet and pay songwriters faster, LaunchHouse agrees

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With a mere 7% acceptance rate, SangCash recently participated in Launch House LA in January '22
SangCash was selected to be part of Launchpeer, a Charleston-based remote incubator in April '21
SangCash recently pitched at the Wild Pitch Competition at the DIG Tech Summit in Charleston, SC
Selected by LaunchTN to host paid intern for summers of '21 and '22
Selected to and participated in the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's PreFlight and ReNew Programs

Our Team

I grew up going to concerts at Jones Beach and eventually worked there. In college, I got into country music and found out that a lot of the big name artists don't write their songs. When I went through a bad bout of depression 7 years ago, I used writing and listening to music to come out of it and really grew an appreciation for the craft.

SangCash saves Music Venues money and gets Songwriters paid faster!

SangCash recently made their "Imagining" a reality by participating in Launch House's January Cohort in Los Angeles.  My class of 20 entrepreneurs lived at Paris Hilton and Cardi B's former mansion and helped each other get our companies off the ground.  Below is our "Imagine" headshot video of my cohort.

Music venues are required to take out blanket licenses for their establishment, however, it is expensive because they need to take out licenses with three organizations because there is no way of capturing what songs are actually played and the venue has to make sure they are covered to prevent copyright infringement.  But there is no reason for say a jazz club to have coverage for 32 million songs (that includes rock, country, hip-hop, etc.).  They should just pay for what they use and now there is the technology to track this.

Because there is so much data and money collected eventually, payment to songwriters (the ones who write the songs) takes a while - too long for 2022.

We have worked with our accelerator, Launchpeer and a few low code providers to build out a platform that links venues to songwriters.  We can lower the licensing fees for venues and pay songwriters faster.

The current process has them receiving checks in the mail for low amounts and no real explanation for what they are getting.  Our payment platform will give songwriters an easy to use portal.

Sang is not the only one that is on the need for songwriters to get paid.  In the last several years, documentaries have been made, shows have launched and laws have been passed for the benefit of the songwriter.

Covid was not fun for anyone, including live music venues, most of which were on the brink of closing.  With the delay in government funding, NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) was launched to get venues back on their feet and fight for the SaveOurStage Act.