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A Web3 Music Platform that gets the songwriter paid faster and more money



raised from 25 investors
 $2.5M  $2M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $50K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $2M valuation cap and 25% discount
Steve is my best friend, former wealth advisor and a long time concert goer; someone that helped mold my youth around what real music was. Mix that altogether and you see why he is going forward with this initiative; he cares about the music industry and wants to see songwriters get paid. Steve has built books of business before through persistence and hard work; this is where he will shine as he challenges the status quo of paying musicians for live performances.
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Selected to and participated in the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's PreFlight and ReNew Programs
SangCash was selected to be part of Launchpeer, a Charleston-based remote incubator in April '21
Part of Launch House's LA residency- a community of the most ambitious founders with a 7% acceptance
SangCash recently pitched at the Wild Pitch Competition at the DIG Tech Summit in Charleston, SC
Selected by LaunchTN to host paid intern for summers of '21 and '22
Recently partnered with and became an affiliate member of the National Independent Venue Assoc. NIVA
Business Model comprises of 3 income streams - Ad revenue, User Revenue and Subscription Services.

Our Team

I grew up going to concerts at Jones Beach and eventually worked there. In college, I got into country music and found out that a lot of the big name artists don't write their songs. When I went through a bad bout of depression 7 years ago, I used writing and listening to music to come out of it and really grew an appreciation for the craft.

SangCash is a Web3 payment platform that gets Songwriters paid faster and more money.

Finally, the songwriter sits at the top of the Economic Equation.

The Beatles said it best in their song "Revolution."  There are plenty of companies who try to solve problems in the startup and music spaces, but do they have a plan and are they revolutionary enough to make an impact?

While streaming has allowed for greater access to music for a fraction of the cost, the infrastructure was built without the songwriter in mind.  The below numbers show how many streams it takes for a songwriter to earn minimum wage, how much songwriters can actually receive and how long it can take before they see a check.

It's very clear that the music business is broken.  Below are a handful of headlines that outline the issues the industry continues to face and has yet to solve.  Most of it revolves around the failure to pay creators fairly and on time.

Every time a song is streamed, look how much the record label gets compared to the songwriter, who is included the mechanical/performance royalty.  This figure is actually half because the songwriter is usually splitting that money with their publisher.

While the songwriter has suffered immensely, especially since piracy and more recently with streaming, luckily Web3 technology has the potential to decentralize this industry and collect and pay creators faster and more money.  Through a vehicle called smart contracts built on the blockchain and when an NFT is minted, songwriters can now receive more of the royalties and the the underlying IP can be traced every time the NFT is resold.

We have built a great team, all of whom are passionate about helping songwriters get paid.  

Most of the songwriters in the US are represented by three PROs (Performing Rights Organizations) - BMI, ASCAP, SESAC.  Their main responsibility is collect licensing fees from music users who want to use the songs performed by their songwriters and then distribute royalties to those member songwriters.  Unfortunately, the technology they use and the laws they are up against prevent them from paying songwriters quickly.  They also struggle to keep up with emerging technology companies that use music such as Spotify, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Here is a look at our fundraising schedule once we complete our WeFunder Campaign.

Every investor wants to know what the company has planned for an exit strategy to earn the returns needed to make their investment worth while.  Luckily for us, one of our slow moving competitors recently admitting to not having a strong business model and has switched to a For-Profit model, which includes becoming relevant through potential acquisitions.