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PopCom builds technology for the future of retail


💰 130% YoY growth. $6.2M projected ARR by 2023 (not guaranteed)
📈 10,000,000+ data points collected in 6 months across 10 PopShops
👥 Highly experienced team of 13 with a combined 20 companies founded and 10 exits
🎯 Retail analytics market projected to reach $23.8B by 2028
🏦 11 PopShops in market, 23 will be launched by Q3
🍷 PopCom is the first company approved to sell alcohol in vending machines
🌎 Over 800 brands and 300 venues on the wait list for PopShop Local
🖼️ PopCom is the first company to sell NFTs in smart vending machines

Our Team

Self-service and automation are the future of retail. But right now, it's a future without data. We're changing that. We're redefining omnichannel strategy for worldwide brands– from Fortune 500 companies to nimble e-commerce entrepreneurs, providing a completely new direct-to-consumer channel backed by unparalleled data.

We are very excited about what we are building at PopCom. Despite the pandemic our momentum is strong and we are shipping products.

We've spent the months following our third successful Regulation Crowdfunding continuing to build and deploy more PopShop Local machines across the country and develop partnerships with market leaders in the regulated retail industry. Though we are very proud of what we have accomplished, we'd like to hit a few more  milestones, particularly with revenue, to set us up for success in our forthcoming A round.

We believe we’re uniquely positioned in a market that is currently domiciled by slow-moving, behemoth hardware companies whose turnkey solutions are too expensive for even the largest CPG companies, let alone successful boutique brands. Our turnkey solution, the PopShop Local program with PopCom SaaS, are affordable for any team, from Fortune 500 to single-founder e-commerce brands. Not only is our hardware versatile, sexy, and affordable, we built exceptional software with features that facilitate fun, engaging customer experiences and allows retailers to glean powerful consumer insights and forge stronger relationships with their target demographic.

The 'secret sauce'? It's our goal to white-label our PopCom software for use in millions of new smart vending machines joining the ecosystem. 

At PopCom, we believe successful brands are intelligent, mobile, and resilient. We built our technology in their image. Our mission is simple: we equip entrepreneurs and brands with future-ready retail solutions that allow rapid retail expansion, incredible customer experiences, and powerful sales data.

At the cross-section of explosive e-commerce growth and waning brick-and-mortar sales is an extraordinary opportunity to provide a real, in-person experience for customers and instant delivery of products. All without the traditional challenges of brick-and-mortar retail.

We're redefining omnichannel strategy for worldwide brands– from Fortune 500 companies to nimble e-commerce entrepreneurs, providing a completely new direct-to-consumer channel backed by unparalleled data and frictionless transactions.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

PopCom is a hybrid company. We build software for hardware. We built the PopShop to demonstrate the best use case for our software, plus, we think the world needed some really cool 'outside of the box' automated retail hardware. We like to call the PopShop 'the iPhone of vending machines' because we have reimagined the way that people think of, use, and engage with vending machines forever. Luckily rolling out the PopShop Local program at scale won't burn through all of our cash....we have partnered with an equipment finance company to fund all of our manufacturing, this will allow us to retain our capital raised for operations and growth.

A recent survey showed over two-thirds of retail customers now prefer self-serve retail experiences and over 100 million people are projected to use vending machines or kiosks each day in the U.S. ³ While automation and self-service are booming , valuable data is being lost on low-IQ machines. This is an opportunity where we are positioned to dominate.

We are focused on building our executive team, securing major partnerships to expand, launching 100 more machines, and collecting a ton of data that we can monetize. We are targeting $4.5M in ARR within 12 months (not guaranteed). This bridge round is the catalyst to achieve these milestones. 

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

PopCom is a big data company....soon they will see.