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📚 A place to preserve family history



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💰 Raised $450k+ from Overlooked Ventures and angels
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💼 A Team of immigrants and ex-FAANG operators who will not quit until the job is done!

Our Team

My dad died when I was 25, I never took the time to preserve his stories, and know where my family came from.

A place to preserve your families memories

So what is Lalo?

Lalo helps preserve your memories and connect in a private ad-free space. You can build a unique space for family and friends, special events like a wedding, or honor a loved one.

Lalo lets you save videos and pictures, record a voice memo or write a journal. For families living apart, our video chat is perfect for impromptu reunions you can record and watch anytime. To help you learn more about each other you can use one of our questions prompts or write your own. Here at Lalo, we help you connect and share stories in a safe place to preserve those special memories.

In 2003, after the death of my father, I started to realize every day was a struggle to keep a hold of the memories I had of my father.  The stories, jokes, recipes, and more were either lost or scattered across various friends and family. A few years later my daughter, now 9, said she never really met her grandparents. Then it dawned on me, what if there was a better way to archive my memories with my loved ones, and for those who knew them to share and come together. I decided then to build something,  and today I am happy to introduce to the world Lalo — named after my father.

At Lalo, our mission of giving people a private, digital space to connect, share stories and hold on to precious memories is our main driver. We help friends and families preserve their fondest memories and stories so that future generations can be inspired by their past. 

Memories are lost every year

The problem is that preserving memories is an intensely manual process. 

Manually asking for accounts, managing thousands of files with zero privacy in some cases. On average, we store personal anecdotes, images, voice notes on numerous devices and with multiple accounts making it hard to consolidate our memories for our loved ones. We have thousands of pictures, but only a handful that truly matters and optimize for quantity vs quality when sharing on current social media platforms. 

Our solution...