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Invest in Dogworx

Modern luxury coworking space for dogs and their humans to work and play—together


Led by expert real estate developer/investor with 40+ years experience building high-end projects.
$14.2M invested to date on the Houston DogWorx location and facilities.
$3.6M + 3 years spent on in-depth market research, analysis, product design & development.
Conservative estimates project net positive cash flow in the first year of operations. (not guaranteed)
We only need 4% of the dogs in a 1-mile radius or 0.49% in a 3-mile radius to reach our projections.
Vet and animal health related companies are trading at 15-20x EBITDA. Dogworx owns all real-estate
Construction underway with Phase 1 set to open in Jan 2022 and completion Dec 2022.

Our Team

CEO Mike Lester observed the trend in the humanization of dogs and the lack of quality options for both humans and dogs. After years of frustration with finding acceptable environments for his loved ones he began to research and create the best Dog/Human environment he could that encompassed a profitable business plan. Dogworx was born!

Why DogWorx?

DogWorx offers a groundbreaking Work-Live-Play experience to millennial urban pet owners with a first-of-its-kind space: dog-friendly coworking offices, cafe & bar, and event venue fully integrated into a full-spectrum of pet services: dog daycare and off-leash parks, veterinary care, grooming, and more.

As the maturing millennial workforce continues to flex its influence in both work-life balance and the inclusion of our pets in daily life, demand is high for a unique destination space catering to all aspects of the modern pet owner’s life: a beautiful and thoughtfully designed place for work and play—together.

In a country full of dog-lovers, Houston stands out as a city that considers dogs even “more than man’s best friend.” Luckily, DogWorx owns 64,737 SF in Houston Heights, an affluent neighborhood chock-full of young professional dog owners with disposable income to spoil their best furry friends with. 

Most Houston Heights residents have dogs but no yards. Demand for dog daycare and dog-friendly recreational spaces is high, so we designed DogWorks to be a truly integrative experience. Our modern, high-end design makes it an exceptional place to work and socialize with all your friends. 

Over the past 3 years, our founders have invested $3.6M into the development of the DogWorx concept with market research, financial feasibility analysis, branding, and marketing. An additional $14.2M has been invested in land, capital equipment, and building materials for our world-class facility.

In our brave new world of remote work, the demand for flexible workspace is higher than ever. Houston’s coworking sector has grown from 0-20+ options in less than two years, with consistently above-average market occupancy rates. The global coworking space market is worth over $8B, and growing fast.

Year after year, Americans spend more money on their pets, and the total pet supplies and service market is now worth over $70 billion. And many of these pet owners are within striking distance of DogWorx: to meet our Year 1 daycare revenue goals, we only need to enroll 0.49% of the dogs within a 3-mile radius!

Behind DogWorx is the expertise of Green Tower Development (GTD), a fully integrated design, development, and construction company headquartered in Houston, led by founder and CEO Mike Lester. GTD draws on its robust development experience to complete projects under budget and on time.

GTD & DogWorx CEO Mike Lester has assembled an exceptional group of developers, investors, pet professionals, and branding experts to lead the team. We’re committed to delivering a premiere experience to our 2- and 4-legged guests, and we’ve gathered the best in the business to make it happen.

In a dog and bar-loving city, only DogWorx is catering to our target audience: affluent young urban professionals who work hard, play hard, and want their dog there for all of it. By offering a game-changing experience that meets our customers’ every need—dog and human—DogWorx is poised to become a lifestyle must-have for all Houston dog lovers.

With 90% of our project capital and materials purchased, construction is well underway. Pavlov’s bar, spa, daycare, and park will open Jan 2022, with boarding, co-working, and event center completed in Dec 2022. Mid-term, we have plans to expand to the Austin and Frisco/Plano areas and beyond.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

In a league of our own, DogWorx is both a unique market offering and an intuitive new model to cater to the needs and interests of an impactful consumer group. The increasing demand for beautiful co-working space and pet-friendly recreation isn’t going anywhere. DogWorx is here to do it right.