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3rd Call Productions

We are an independent, award-winning movie studio


Winners as First Time Filmmakers! "Best Film" at the Utah Film Awards, 2019; over 5k followers on social media
Have finished principal photography on 'Code', our highly-anticipated thriller on physician burnout! Already buzzing amongst LA physicians!
'Code' has gained more than 2,000 FB followers in 1 week, has demonstrated wide-spread appeal on social media

Our Team

An accomplished physician who founded 3rd Call Productions and won 'Best Film' at the Utah Film Awards with their debut film

All my life I've helped people through medicine, but I've always believed that film and media can help people in so many ways that the white coat cannot. 3rd Call is a way for us to create meaningful cinema that we hope we will entertain as well as inspire.

A physician and award-winning producer, founder of 3rd Call Productions!

A Tale of Medicine, Mental Health, and Mystery

'Code' - a short medical thriller based in a medical residency training program. The story is centered around Dr. Lena Flores, a brilliant but emotionally-distant medical resident at St. Gerard's Medical Center, who is about to take the most surreal call night of her life. With her is Jimmy, the young medical intern with ulterior motives, and Dr. Theo Vacarro, a charming fellow resident with a number of dark mysteries his own. Lena must lead her team through this surreal call night while fending off disease and dealing with the very real demons of her own mind

'CODE' Technical Specifications

-Short film

-Genre: Thriller/mystery, set to a funk/jazz sound track

-Length 15-18 minutes

-Starring: Cherubim Abueme (committed)

-Directors: David Law and Aaron Little
-Producers: Blake Armstrong, Tom Kwon, Rico Dakhil

Why this movie?

A real problem that deserves our attention

You've heard it in the news. "Physican burn-out." So many tales of doctors burning out in their primes, quitting medicine or, worse, losing their lives. In this movie we want to explore mental illness through the lens of a young resident dealing with her problems in an unhealthy way. Her journey through call night will not only paint a picture of modern medical training, but will also the emotional and mental stresses that come with the job.

"Burn-out is a very personal topic for me. I've had many colleagues succumb to the stresses of their jobs as healthcare professionals; as doctors, we take care of so many people that it's often tough to take care of ourselves. We wanted to make something that would resonate not just with doctors, but with anyone who gives so much of themselves to a job that they take a devastating toll on their own mental health".  -David Law

The Story of 3rd Call Productions

3rd Call was founded by Dr. David Law, a physician in Los Angeles with a love for film. Last year with graphic artist and childhood friend Aaron Little, they created 'The Uppermost', a short film that took the festival circuit by storm in 2019. Now with multiple Official Selection laurels and film awards from across the world, (including the prestigious 'Best Film' prize at the Utah Film Awards), this creative team aims to bring a new vision to the big screen.

Where Will The Money Go?

All contributions will go towards the production of our next short film:

Location - 20%

Camera Equipment/Crew- 15%

Grip and Electric - 15%

Hair/Make-up - 10%

Actors - 10%

Catering - 10%

Sound - 10%

Post-Production - 10%

Why We Can Do This

From nobodies to hobnobbing with film industry professionals...

Last year we were a couple of non-film industry people who wanted to make a movie. So we planned, we brainstormed, and we got the most talented people we knew to create 'The Uppermost'. David and Aaron have been making short 'movies' as amateurs all their lives, but they applied all their artistic talents and dedicated themselves to learning the craft in order to produce this film.

After a successful premiere and festival run, we won 'Best Film' at the Utah Film Awards!

We could not have made this film without our Film Family, which really is our group of high school friends who have stayed close all these years. Many of us played in the high school marching band (WHS Warriors!), and Blake Armstrong our producer was actually our Drum Major!

Where Will This Project Go?

We've been quite busy. And not just showing our last film. We've been building an audience.

'The Uppermost' went viral overseas and amassed more than 40,000 views in less than a month. With thousands of social media followers around the world and now a growing reputation in a competitive film market, we know that we'll reach a wide audience in no time and no doubt will be hitting the festival circuit strong in 2020.

And what next?

'Code' Will Take People on a Thrill Ride... with a Purpose

Our next film will focus on mental health issues, particularly upon residents in a medical training program. As  Physician Wellness is becoming more and more a priority in many  healthcare institutions, we hope to take advantage of this trend and explore a vital topic that deserves a national discussion. 

And this film is our way to do it. Welcome to the St. Gerard Internal Medicine Residency Program:)