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3C Bio

Mobile SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) diagnostic laboratories – 2,400 rtPCR tests per lab/day


Labs will be built in 53' semi-trailers or 40' ISO containers. Deployable worldwide. Massive Scalability.
2,400 rtPCR tests per day/per lab. Automated robotic protocol, lower costs, same day results.
Large scale testing of industry, at-risk populations & events to screen for asymptomatic infections.
Using multiple labs we can scale to upwards of 5M tests per month in US - no new buildings or real estate required.
Revenue from USA testing operations and from US & international mobile lab sales.
Re-open the economy intelligently & create an infrastructure for long term pandemic monitoring.

Our Team

The major choke point has been diagnostic testing since the earliest days of the pandemic. With the need for millions of tests per day nationwide, we decided the fastest way to scale effectively was by using automated testing in a mobile environment, and eliminate delays due to building permits. We are at war with a virus, and we want to win.

The Mission of 3C Bio

The primary 3C Bio mission is to construct a nationwide network of quickly deployable mobile diagnostic laboratories for rtPCR testing in order to screen at-risk and mission critical communities for SARS-CoV-2 infections - food and transportation workers, health care facilities, schools, critical infrastructure workers - and also provide large scale testing for elective activities like sports, conventions and cultural events. We want to reopen the economy as efficiently and safely as possible.

Upon examining the potential problems the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the resulting shutdown of the world economy would bring, the 3C Bio team rapidly engaged to come up with an effective response to the outbreak. The team, consisting of professionals with deep experience in biotechnology, complex fabrication and systems integration, were inspired by an idea to build-out and deploy diagnostic laboratories in easily transportable mobile systems, deployable to anywhere in the world.

For the first three months our energies were committed almost exclusively to R&D, designing and outfitting laboratories to be extremely efficient and at the cutting-edge of current diagnostic technology. We focused on defining a business model and identifying ways to lower manufacturing, sampling and testing costs while still performing tests as accurately and as fast as technologically feasible. 

We are excited to begin building our labs and contribute to the fight in combating this, and future, outbreaks.

Confirm, contain and control.

In April, we called for the nation to get to three million Covid-19 tests a week by July and to 30 million by October. To beat this virus we need a massive national effort to get to 30 million and beyond with tests that are easy, fast, and cheap. Only then can we keep the economy open and protect our most vulnerable. Rockefeller Foundation
3C Bio 53' trailer based laboratory outfitted with PPE room, BSL safety hood, 9 Opentrons OT2 robots and 2 ABI Real-Time FAST Diagnostic rtPCR instruments. Labs are fully self contained with water and power, including solar and battery back-up

Why Mobile Labs?
Scalability, efficiency, economy and speed. Our mobile laboratories, designed for high complexity rtPCR testing, can be built and programmed in as little as 10 days, up to 24 months faster than traditional building based laboratories, using assembly line methods and quality management systems. With the need for millions of tests daily, thousands of labs are needed nationally to scale to 20 million tests per day. Given the delays in major cities of up to 2 years to obtain building permits, building (or expanding) traditional labs are an impractical solution and would require extreme investments in time, capital, real estate and construction. The 3C Bio labs in 40' thru 53' configurations use identical diagnostic layouts, so the QMS (quality management system) CLIA approval are duplicated for additional labs in the series, saving hundreds of labor hours. The labs are automated, designed to process up to 24oo tests daily using our 9 robot rtPCR system, significantly reducing the number of technicians required, technicians which are expensive and in short supply.

20', 40', 45' & 53' - one size doesn't fit all
53' labs are designed for the North American market, which would allow a lab to be deployed nearly anywhere in the US within 24 hours, as well as Canada and Central America. 40' (+45') labs and a dual 20' airlift version would be sold and used in international markets, as well as certain US locations, can be transported by ship, plane and truck on difficult roads and rivers. In addition to building and operating our own labs, we plan to sell labs worldwide, and in specific cases, license our designs, software and technology to international system integrators and public health agencies outside the US, in order to increase global testing capabilities. 

3C Bio labs are designed to be used on-site in order to fully screen and clear a workforce or event the same day, an essential requirement to prevent outbreaks and reopen the economy. By locating labs on-site, sample collection and testing speed is optimized - with no delays. Samples go directly into the testing cue, minimizing, transport, handling and storage requirements. An event with 2,400 people would use 1 lab on site, an event or workforce with 24,000 would use 10 labs on site.

Screening & Clearing via rtPCR testing
Initially we will be using rtPCR testing methods, reagents and protocols that have received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA. Currently, rtPCR is the best method for quickly determining asymptomatic infections, our prime target. As better, faster testing methods are approved by the FDA, we will integrate them into our system.

Events and Revenue
Over 2 billion people attended paid events in 2018. Comprehensive audience testing would allow some of these events to resume, combined with other safety practices. Just one percent of this one market would represent $3 billion in screening annually at current testing prices.

Numbers represent millions of patrons for 2018/2019 events, representing millions of US jobs. These numbers are not all inclusive and do not include many smaller events. 3C Bio would like to bring back as many of these events as possible by screening patrons at scale.

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