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A Self-Improvement, Content & Publishing Company, With a profitable book series called 1 Habit
We have published 8 Best-Selling 1 Habit Books in just over a year. We have 20 more in process.
Already making money - 1 Habit Press has delivered sustainable growing net cash flow since day one.
We elevated 700 Entrepreneurs, Business people, 1-time Authors to International Best-Seller status.
$140 Billion Dollar Market Place
Authors include founders of Constant Contact, Make a Wish Foundation, Pictionary & Planet Fitness.
One of those rare opportunities to be an early investor of a company slated for long-term success.
Our Patent-Pending process lets Authors create and submit their chapters in 1 hour.

Our Team

Self-help books published today are always 2 years behind because of the old guard publishing company's top-heavy processes. We knew we could do better by stripping away the unnecessary. Our process allows us to bring a book to market in weeks not years. We offer readers books on issues they need to solve today, not 2 years ago.

1 Habit can change your life forever!

Our Story... 

A Note From The CEO...

We believe there are millions of people that have the power to change the world. What they don’t have is the power to reach it. Well, we do.

I’m Steve Samblis, founder of 1 Habit press - A New Kind of Publishing Company, Changing the World 1 Habit & 1 Book at a time

We’ve created the 1 Habit Book Series - Using a model that allows us to share the most important habits of 100 extraordinary people in each book we publish. And, the last eight books we published have all been International Best Sellers.

Our 1 Habit books are available through 39,000 locations worldwide. We publish in Paperback, Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook versions.

What Makes Us Different?

Number 1- We created a patent-pending proprietary process that allows us to move at rapid speeds, serve market needs, and create books with 100 contributors from concept to print within as little as two weeks.

Number 2- 700 Authors have contributed to our books so far. They bring their networks of 1000s of supporters that now believe, promote, and share our story, creating new fans and delivery outlets as we grow.

The Opportunity

Our plan is to file to become a Publicly Traded Company Fall of 2022. By investing now, you will have a ground floor priced position. The hope is, when we begin trading on the public markets, the price will be much higher and you will have full or partial liquidity.

What Do We Need?

We’re looking to raise $2,000,000 with three main goals in mind.

  • To expand our reach with four new global publishing hubs. This will give us the capacity to publish ten times the amount of books we currently do each month and increase front-end revenues by as much as $450,000 a month.
 We have not spent a penny on advertising to date. We will now build Advertising and social media campaigns that put our books in more hands, in front of more eyes, in more languages than ever before.

  • Lastly, we will continue to enhance our patent-pending production processes which allow us to respond to the fast-paced demands of the marketplace which we are creating.

It’s easy to look back and see how we could have improved, how you could have done things better. With 1 Habit, we hope to help our Authors, Readers, and investors move successfully forward in life, so you never have to look back ever again.

We truly believe 1 Habit can change your life forever, and we would love for you to join us.