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Automating Marketing For Producers as the #1 Marketing Automation Marketplace


High Productivity
High Performance
High Turnover

Our Founder

Founder and COO
Making a mouth blowing sales of $3m in 1 week.

It solves the problem of producers who are not tech savvy or moderately literate enough to use tech to exchange their produce with consumers at fair prices.

Invest In 1CoX as A Clean Investment

Agriculture is everybody's business... It is the most natural way of putting food on the table, and any investment in agriculture today is both for today and for posterity. Clean investment makes this happen faster for everyone who partners with 1CoX.

#CleanInvestment, in partnership with 1CoX, is proven to be more profitable than most investment programs.

Others take time to mature. Clean Investment returns as much as N2.5m (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira) every month. in as fast as 30 days. Learn more here: #scienceandtechnology #marketing

Clean Investment, in partnership with 1CoX, not only pays as much as N2.5m in ROI to partners, every month, but also gives partners voting rights, as equity shareholders in 1CoX proprietary technology platform, after 36 consecutive months of smiling to the bank to cash-out as much as N2.5m from a single clean investment that matures in as short as 30 days.

Clean Investment is an opportunity open to everyone who wants to earn steady income as high as N2.5m in ROI that matures from the first month and pays out dividends to same partners who stay loyal to Clean Investment in partnership with 1CoX for 36 consecutive months of earning steady ROI cashed out every 30 days.

No other investment generates as much as N2.5m in ROI that matures in as short as 30 days.

Thus, Clean Investment proves more rewarding than the average real estate investment, and is 100% risk free for any partner.

Become a partner today, start here: